• 3 Tips on Diesel Maintenance

    Diesel maintenance of your car is vital to keep it in continued good running order. A monthly check of the moving components should be done, as a way of keeping up on its performance. There are other jobs which you should refer a mechanic to.

    1 – Check Oil and Fluid Levels

    Set up a regular maintenance schedule for your car. It is recommended you check your fluid levels weekly. Under the hood there are reservoirs which have mark on their caps to tell you which is which. Check with your dip stick to get an accurate reading of the oil in your engine. Other fluids are coolant, water, transmission fluid and screen wash.

    2 – Check your Gaskets

    You may have to re-torque mounting bolts on your diesel engine at regular periods. This prevents leaks inside the combustion mountings. If you spot the signs that indicate a gasket is leaking, replace it as soon as possible. If you find that your gaskets are starting to show signs of wear, change them quickly to avoid major diesel engine repair.

    3 – Fuel System Maintenance

    The absence of an electrical and ignition system in a diesel engine means there are no spark plugs. What you will have instead are coil glow plugs. These have to be maintained regularly and properly. It is advised that you maintain your fuel tank full level as often as you can. This will prevent condensation build up in the diesel chambers. Watch out for soot emissions, which are caused by dirt inside the injectors. The result being, incomplete combustion.