• 3 Tips for Getting A Cheap Enclosed Car Shipping Rate Quote

    Once you’ve decided that you want to use enclosed car shipping to transport your vehicle from your present location to your new one, it’s important to find dependable transport companies that give you free quotes and affordable car shipping services.

    Tips for Getting Cheap Quotes for Cheap Enclosed Car Shipping:

    1. Preparatory Work

    Make a list of the car moving transportation companies located in your area. The best way to find transport companies is to get references from friends and family, and to check for advertisements in the newspapers and several auto magazines. Inquire about the services provided by them, the timeframe they need, and whether they will arrange for the pick up and drop off of your vehicle. Keep all the details regarding your car handy, as these companies will ask you for these details to give you an accurate quote.

    2. Compare Quotes

    You can either visit companies in person or call them to get a quote. It may be better to visit the companies, as you may find it easier to negotiate face-to-face rather than over the telephone. It’s also possible to get quotes online. Once you’ve obtained quotes, you can determine the expense involved. You can also determine whether the cost varies significantly amongst companies. Use all this information to negotiate the total price charged.

    3. Alternatives

    There are a number of transport brokerage companies who can also provide quotes. However, they will normally charge you a fee for doing the work on your behalf.

    It’s important that you scout the market for all options in order to get the best car shipping rate available.