• 3 Popular Honda CRV Accessories for Customizing Your Vehicle

    The Honda CRV is one of the most popular vehicles of its type that is available on the market today, and there are a huge number of Honda CRV Accessories that you can purchase to help customize your vehicle to your needs. The low cost of the Honda CRV relative to other vehicles that are new on the market is an enticing prospect for potential customers, and the price of the vehicle makes it easier for many to afford the customized add-ons (like a Honda CRV roof rack or a Honda CRV cargo cover). Read on for some additional information about the most popular accessories for your Honda CRV.

    Roof Rack

    The Honda CRV roof rack is easy to install and relatively inexpensive. It is typically priced at a few hundred dollars new, although you can find this customized add-on through used and wholesale parts stores and retailers. The roof rack attaches to the top of your vehicle and allows you to carry any number of items that may be too large to fit inside the vehicle itself. This add-on effectively negates any downside to the fact that the CRV doesn’t have as much space for skis, canoes and other large items within the interior of the vehicle itself. The roof rack can be permanently installed in the car or may also be removed at your convenience if you are concerned about the total height of the vehicle in certain situations.

    Cargo Cover

    The Honda CRV cargo cover is similar to a roof rack, but it provides an enclosed space on the top of the vehicle for your large equipment and sporting goods. The cargo cover is typically installed one time only and is left on top of the vehicle, although you can remove it with some effort. The cost for purchasing and installing the Honda CRV cargo cover is similar to that of the purchase and installation of the Honda CRV roof rack from above.

    Electronic Accessories

    There are a number of electronic accessories that you can install inside of your Honda CRV as well. These include optional sound systems, GPS navigation systems and more. The price of each of these accessories may vary dramatically, and the installation procedure is typically a bit more expensive than for an external device like a roof rack or a cargo cover.

    The most common electronic accessory that people choose to add to their Honda CRV is the modified sound system. Standard CRV models come with either a disc player and MP3 player system or with a full disc changer in addition to the previous two items. The speakers are standard and somewhat limited in comparison with the technology that exists for car stereo systems. Installing a new speaker system generally costs several hundred dollars between the price of the components themselves and the cost of the installation process.