• 3 Honda Odyssey Problems Every Buyer Needs to Be Aware of

    Every prospective buyer needs to be informed about potential Honda Odyssey problems. Although the Honda Odyssey noise problem and the Honda Odyssey condenser problem have been fixed in more recent models of the vehicle, this car still suffers from some minor but pervasive issues. Otherwise, these problems have not dramatically affected sales, and customers and the media both routinely rate it very highly in comparison with other minivans and vehicles of its type. Still, before you purchase a Honda Odyssey that is either brand new or previously owned and operated, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the potential problems that you might face. Of course, the list of most common problems that customers have with the Honda Odyssey is not all-inclusive, and there are likely to be other individual problems that you may face with your car as well. Knowing the most common and frequently occurring problems can help you to make the decision of which vehicle to buy, and whether to purchase a new or a used car.

    1. Fuel Pump Issues

    The single biggest problem that affects the Honda Odyssey at this point is the fuel pump. In fact, some Honda Odysseys were even recalled by the manufacturer for this reason. The issue that develops has to do with the fuel pump not providing an adequate flow of fuel to the engine. The result is that the engine frequently stalls out, typically while the car is stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. The stalling can occur at other times as well, making this a potentially dangerous concern and thus leading to the recall of certain vehicles. New Honda Odysseys are free of this issue, but old and used models of the car may not be, so it’s best to check the vehicle history report for any signs of fuel pump issues before making your purchase.

    2. Collapsing Seats

    Another issue with the Honda Odyssey is that the seats, which are designed to collapse in order to make more space for cargo and other items, occasionally have problems collapsing – even when you don’t intend them to. This is more of a nuisance than a major problem, though it may cause some discomfort for people sitting in the middle and back row of seats. This isn’t a concern for the driver of the vehicle.

    3. Sticky Doors

    Like certain other types of minivans, Honda Odyssey models have the tendency to succumb to sticky doors. The sliding doors of the vehicle tend to have a problem closing and staying closed. They can be difficult to open and may require some force. This may be a problem for you if you’re concerned about having the strength to open the doors in the first place.