• 12 Tips for Deciding what Toyota Sequoia Accessories to Buy

    When it comes to Toyota Sequoia accessories, there are many options to choose from. Any of these will add value to your car, and overall, increase the usability of the car. Here are some tips and suggestions for different Toyota Sequoia accessories available for purchase.

    • If you like bike riding, you can get a bike attachment for the top of your roof rack. It is made specially for bicycles, which is much better than tying it down yourself. Another option similar would be ski attachments built perfectly for your skis.
    • A hood protector is a nice option to add. It may seem useless, but it is actually a two fold item. It is aerodynamic, which will help out the fuel economy of your vehicle, but it also blocks debris, rocks, and other things that may affect the finish of your hood or your windshield.
    • The Sequoia can also be used to tow things behind the vehicle. There are a number of towing accessories that would be advantageous for you.
    • Wheel locks are little accessories that you will learn to appreciate. Believe it or not, many times tires get stolen from cars, and wheel locks prevent this.
    • Blu Logic offers a hands-free system so you can answer calls safely. If you get lots of calls and need to take them, this would be a great accessory to have.
    • For your trunk, if you have a lot of stuff in it, there are three accessories that would be great. A cargo tote can help keep your goods organized. A cargo net can help everything stay in place while you are driving. A cargo cover does just that. It can cover your goods so no one looks inside your car and sees what you have.
    • For your floors, floor mats are a must. You can get customized mats with the Sequoia logo embedded on them. 
    • Many people don’t drive with two types of kits that are a must. First, naturally is a first aid kit. This is a must when driving, because you never know when you will need it. Going with the same principle is an emergency kit. This kit would have flares, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, bungee cord, and other essentials.
    • A remote engine starter is a great tool if you live in a cold area. Instead of going out to warm your car in the cold weather, you could activate your car from up to eighty feet away from your engine.
    • To upgrade your shifting knob, you can make it an aluminum shift with a leather insert to increase grip as well as look.
    • A VIP security system can make your car steal-proof. It has features such as ignition disablers, panic button, remote locking, and other things.
    • XM satellite radio is another option to increase the usability of your stereo. This does cost extra as there is a subscription with it. An accessory to go with it could be a pair of wireless headphones for your vehicle.

    Any accessories you buy for your Toyota Sequoia will be covered for three years, or for 36,000 miles.