• 10 Reasons to go Through an Auto Warranty Broker

    When shopping for an auto warranty, whether it be the manufacturer, the dealer, an auto warranty company or an auto warranty broker, you must know who to buy an extended auto warranty from. An auto warranty guide can help you make an educated decision in your choice of an auto warranty plan.

    Reasons Why You Should Opt for an Auto Warranty Broker:


    Manufacturer and dealer warranties are very expensive. However, you can get a good warranty through an auto warranty broker at a fraction of the cost, in comparison to a warranty obtained from the manufacturer or dealer. You can ideally save $500 to $1,000 on similar coverage if you choose to buy an extended warranty from a broker.


    A broker represents multiple warranty companies and you get to choose a company that’s reputed and BBB accredited. Manufacturers, dealers and warranty companies only promote their own warranty plans. A warranty broker on the other hand will give you the option of choosing from a wide variety of auto warranty options.

    Choice of Repair Shops

    Unlike dealer warranties that require the car to be repaired exclusively at the dealer specific repair shop, you can repair your car at all certified shops nationwide, if you purchase a warranty from a broker.


    Although manufacturer and dealer auto warranties might not be transferable if you sell your vehicle, you can get a transferable warranty from a broker for a small fee. This helps to maintain the resale value of your car.

    No Waiting Period

    The warranties bought from an auto warranty broker offer immediate coverage and there is no waiting period if the vehicle is still under factory warranty or passes visual inspection.

    Money Back Guarantee

    A good broker will offer a 30 day money back guarantee should you choose to cancel the warranty.

    No Pressure

    Although a dealer will try to get you to buy the right warranty when you purchase your car, a broker will put you under no such pressure. You can thus buy the warranty that matches your budget and requirements.

    Listed and Accredited

    A good broker will be listed and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This implies they are reputed and professional. You also have the assurance you are dealing with a reputed company and aren’t likely to be a victim of a scam.


    Warranties sold by auto warranty brokers generally offer roadside assistance, rental cars, and towing. This means you are not left to fend for yourself during a car breakdown.

    Easy to do Business with

    The top auto warranty brokers can be found online. You should choose from ones who post their contracts online, brokers who represent multiple companies and those that offer you quotes based on your personal information.

    You’ll find it’s easier to buy your car extended warranty from a broker, as the broker will negotiate the policy on your behalf, and will help you find a company that’s ‘direct insured’ to ascertain you get the most secure and reliable coverage in the market.