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2013 Mazda MAZDASPEED3
“What I enjoy about the Mazdaspeed3 - aside from its exquisite road manners - is the inclusion of great manual seats with very good lumbar and lateral support, necessary in such a sporting machine. ” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
2013 MINI Roadster
“[The optional SMG transmission] swaps gears as quickly as any dual-clutch gearbox and even matches revs when we call for a downshift. ” —   See More Reviews
2013 Audi TT
“The [Audi TT's] brakes did not fade in the face of aggressive driving and maintained a consistent feel. ” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 Dodge Challenger
“Unlike the original Challenger, which had a shapely "fuselage" body that wrapped under at the rocker panels, the new car is slightly more slab-sided. But that's a good thing because it makes this muscular car, with its 20-in. wheels and tires, look as if it is firmly planted to the tarmac. ” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Nissan 370Z
“The 370Z is also notable for more than just its dynamic talents. Surprisingly, the interior is luxurious and the ride is comfortable, so long road trips are possible.” —   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK250
“It carved through the corners like an Olympic slalom skier and had just the right amount of power to sprint from one turn to the next.” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 Audi S4
“Even the sound it makes when we lift off the accelerator while barreling into a tight one at the end of a straight is great music.” — AutoWeek   See More Reviews
2013 Audi TTS
“Even in sport mode, the [2009 Audi TTS'] magnetic shocks offer the best combination of ride and handling: always firm and never harsh. ” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Audi S5
“The engines, both of them nice pieces that rarely inspire complaint, are nevertheless different in character. The smaller engine somehow makes the car seem smaller than did the V-8, less like a muscle car and more, well, German.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Audi TT RS
“A great engine is nothing unless it's hooked up to a great transmission, and the TT RS comes equipped with a slick 6-speed manual that's as easy to operate as an automatic, with a light, responsive clutch and short shift throws.” — Forbes   See More Reviews
2013 BMW Z4
“...available with Adaptive M Sport suspension, consisting of computer-controlled adjustable dampers that constantly vary their firmness based on road surface inputs, steering angle and lateral acceleration data. ” —   See More Reviews
2013 Ford Shelby GT500
“...0-to-60 sprint of 3.5 seconds.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK350
“It carved through the corners like an Olympic slalom skier and had just the right amount of power to sprint from one turn to the next.” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
2013 Porsche Boxster
“The seats are very comfortable and the driving position offers good visibility for a low-slung sports car.” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
2013 Cadillac CTS-V
“That supercharged V-8 drinks from such deep reserves of power and torque that it hardly feels like it's breaking a sweat.” — Motor Trend   See More Reviews
2013 Lexus IS F
“The Lexus just kept putting a smile on my face, generating huge lateral grip, demonstrating its remarkable balance, and showing off its big underhood muscle. ” — Automobile   See More Reviews
2013 Audi RS 5
“This engine is a model of linear, free-revving performance. ” — Automobile   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG
2013 Audi S6
“The V10 has a guttural growl, braking is stellar, handling is reasonably grippy and well-balanced, and while its power is less prodigious, AWD allows the S6 driver to exploit it in all seasons.” —   See More Reviews
2013 BMW M3
“The engine is powerful and willing and revs to the moon. ” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 BMW 640
“The 6 Series is a sporting car that can also cruise the boulevard.” —   See More Reviews
2013 Chevrolet Corvette
“The invigorating roar of an American V-8, with the smooth refinement of a high-tech European engine.” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
2013 Audi S7
“The results are entirely to our liking. On the road, the S7 feels considerably lighter than it actually is. The car's limits are high, and its fluid responses make it easy to control.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Lotus Evora
“It's wonderful to drive. Suspension breathes, steering is fluid and tactile and, although the standard V6 motor is a bit dull, the supercharged 345bhp S is much more like it. Blimey, it even now sounds good.” — TopGear   See More Reviews
2013 BMW M5
“Simply put, the new M5, codenamed F10, is discreetly wicked.” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
“I do love the steering, however, and the perfectly shaped, Alcantara-covered steering wheel is bliss. Mercedes' Comand system has evolved into one of the best multimedia interfaces, and the dash layout and logic are pretty commendable all around.” — Automobile   See More Reviews
2013 BMW 650
“It is easy to find a comfortable seating position, at least up front.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Jaguar XK
“Out in the hills the XK continued to impress. The car tackles the twisties with real poise yet never seems to stiffen its ride or responses to the point of severity. The paddle-directed fast upshifts and blipped-throttle downshifts lend real sporting character, and on several occasions we found ourselves drawing to a stop and pulling on both paddles to find neutral, the way it's done in Ferraris and Lamborghinis. That's how authentic the experience is.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Nissan GT-R
“Just a quick look at the GT-R's spec sheet is enough to qualify it as a supercar.” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550
“Handling? Let's be honest: There's no way anyone short of a professional race driver could exercise the SL550 on public roads without being a nuisance.” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Audi S8
“The Audi S8 is in the running to be named the quietest, smoothest car extant. ” — Motor Trend   See More Reviews
2013 BMW M6
“Unlike regular 6ers, the M6 is equipped with hydraulic assist for the power steering.” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Dodge Viper
2013 Aston Martin V8 Vantage
“While it doesn't float over the obstacles, it soaks them up with skill, surefootedness, and self-assurance. ” — Automobile   See More Reviews
2013 Maserati GranTurismo
“By any measure it's gorgeous, with suggestive hips and a come-hither front end wrapped around a soothingly refined interior fitted with your choice from a palette of trims and finishes and exquisite details, like embroidered logos on the seats.” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG
“One of our favorite compact Uber-sedans of the modern age returns with a fresh, yet still thoroughly irascible demeanor based off the updated 2012 C-Class. More significantly, though, is that it'll be offered in both "practical" 4-door form or what will certainly be the highly desirable coupe. ” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG
“When the seven-speed so-called Speedshift automatic upshifts, the exhaust produces a gratifying pop like a single handclap of applause. It invariably makes passengers say "oooooh."” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S
“Very nice and upscale -- a custom tailored look as opposed to a mass-produced plastic-on-plastic interior.” — AutoWeek   See More Reviews
2013 Porsche 911
“The purists might question their own judgment when they realize the double-clutch is just a wee bit faster, and just as much fun to operate when you turn to the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, which pair especially well with the optional sport wheel. ” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 Aston Martin V12 Vantage
“The Vantage Roadster provides one of most gratifying open-air experiences of any sports car on the market” — Kelley Blue Book   See More Reviews
2013 Aston Martin DB9
“Handling is where the DB9 truly excels, hanging on with passion through swift curves and delivering a civilized experience.” —   See More Reviews
2013 Ferrari California
“The electronic control unit is faster- reacting and improves shock absorber response by a significant percentage.” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
“To drive this new Gullwing coupe is to enjoy automotive performance at the very highest level. It has incredibly quick throttle response, immense power and torque available....” — New Car Test Drive   See More Reviews
2013 Lamborghini Gallardo
“Quick, responsive and highly desirable.” — The Auto Channel   See More Reviews
2013 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
“The SL65's secret weapon is its 6.0-liter, direct-injection, twin-turbo V-12, which produces 621 hp and a stump-pulling 738 lb-ft of torque.... ” — Motor Trend   See More Reviews
2013 Ferrari 458 Italia
“The mid-engine two-seat Ferrari 458 is radical looking from any angle. From the front, the trailing headlight LEDs and strange slits in the bodywork are completely original. While they're unique, they still speak to the Ferrari faithful.” —   See More Reviews
2013 Ferrari 458 Spider
“From the front, the trailing headlight LEDs and strange slits in the bodywork are completely original. While they're unique, they still speak to the Ferrari faithful.” —   See More Reviews
2013 McLaren MP4-12C
“There's also launch control, which is both brainless and highly enjoyable: push a few buttons, hold the brake, mash the throttle. Once the instrument-cluster display changes from "building boost" to "release brake," you do just that. Off you go, with tires perfectly hazing themselves and a stupid grin on your face.” — Road & Track   See More Reviews
2013 Ferrari FF
“At the front of the engine lies a second transmission, and it's this unit that makes the FF's four-wheel-drive system so revolutionary. ” — Car and Driver   See More Reviews
2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta
“My shock wasn't with the velocity itself -- such speeds are routine with 731 horsepower -- but with the ease and comfort with which it was attained.” — Motor Trend   See More Reviews
2013 Lamborghini Aventador
“'s one of the few cars in the world that can reach over 215 mph while also getting you and a date to dinner in cutting-edge style. Whether you're a Lamborghini fan or not, you have to respect the Aventador's range of purpose.” — The Car Connection   See More Reviews
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