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BMW2013 BMW 128
"We found the front bucket seats very comfortable and supportive, with big side bolsters. "
BMW2013 BMW 135
"On the road, the power delivery of the turbo six is so smooth and relentless that it makes the 1 Series fast-very fast-but never furious. "
BMW2013 BMW 320
"The 320i gives BMW a lower entry point for the 3 Series, while still providing buyers with good performance and a wide range of options and upgrade packages."
BMW2013 BMW 328
"So far, the engine's willing thrust and the transmission's wieldy flexibility have been a joy to exercise."
BMW2013 BMW 335
"The BMW's engine and transmission are both efficient and charismatic. The in-line-six is ultra smooth at idle but sings a happy tune in the upper rev ranges. "
BMW2013 BMW 528
"Being otherwise identical to its more-expensive siblings means the 528i shares with them a whisper-quiet interior and rich trimmings."
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW 535
"The modular BMW interior, much of which finds its way into models from the top of the line to the bottom, is handsome and contemporary. "
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW 535 Gran Turismo
"As is the case with BMWs in this price range, the interior was a finely crafted blend of leather and wood trim, anchored by the iDrive infotainment screen. "
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW 550
"Styling looks edgy and dynamic..."
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW 550 Gran Turismo
"As is the case with BMWs in this price range, the interior was a finely crafted blend of leather and wood trim, anchored by the iDrive infotainment screen."
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW 640
"The 6 Series is a sporting car that can also cruise the boulevard."
4.6   5
BMW2013 BMW 640 Gran Coupe
"During our short stint in the car, we were impressed with its overall style and functionality, while being happy to see much of the 6-Series grand touring oriented handling characteristics were maintained in this category-defining grand tourer."
4.6   5
BMW2013 BMW 650
"It is easy to find a comfortable seating position, at least up front."
4.6   5
BMW2013 BMW 650 Gran Coupe
"the Gran Coupe's cockpit is beautifully executed."
4.7   5
BMW2013 BMW 740
"Like all 7-series models, the 740i is surprisingly deft for something so large, a supersized 3-series, a feeling enhanced by its lighter nose. "
4.4   4
BMW2013 BMW 750
"There is almost nothing this car can't do, and the stretched L version makes a perfect rolling office for the businessperson on the go. "
4.6   5
BMW2013 BMW 760
"It feels like a jet engine pulling you forward with awesome power."
4.6   5
BMW2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3
"Not only do you get the full thrust of the 3.0-liter turbo-6 but also the benefit of the electric motor's 155 pound-feet of torque. Together, the pair punches a decisive hole in the horizon as the BMW surges forward with near-startling zeal. "
BMW2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 5
"Like other 5-series Bimmers, the Active 5 is poised, balanced, and fairly responsive. In terms of traditional performance, it's hard to imagine anyone being dissatisfied."
4.7   5
BMW2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 740
"Unlike the gasoline-only 7 Series, though, the 740Li Hybrid can glide silently on electric power only."
4.6   5
"the Alpina B7...[is] an M7 in everything but name."
5.0   5
BMW2013 BMW M3
"The engine is powerful and willing and revs to the moon. "
5.0   5
BMW2013 BMW M5
"Simply put, the new M5, codenamed F10, is discreetly wicked."
5.0   5
BMW2013 BMW M6
"Unlike regular 6ers, the M6 is equipped with hydraulic assist for the power steering."
4.8   5
BMW2013 BMW X1
"The steering, the brakes, the ride, the handling, and all the secondary controls and instruments just feel perfect. So if you'd like to have a hot-hatch based on the last 3-series, but with BMW's latest generation of engine and transmission, the X1 xDrive28i makes one hell of a package. "
BMW2013 BMW X3
"With new-found suppleness to its suspension set-up, greater agility, stronger performance, reduced thirst and expanded roominess, the new X3 feels much more like something conceived in Munich should."
4.5   5
BMW2013 BMW X5
"The 2011 BMW X5 is one of the best-handling midsize luxury crossovers you can buy. "
BMW2013 BMW X5 M
"High-performance SUVs are a rare breed, and the...BMW X5 M tops this short list by delivering astonishing performance while making few sacrifices."
BMW2013 BMW X6
"A star in the rhombus-shape segment, the weird but intimidating X6 continues to be a surprisingly delightful vehicle to drive."
BMW2013 BMW X6 M
"The 2013 BMW X6 M has prodigious power, amazing handling, four seats and not so much cargo space. As an SUV, it doesn't make any sense, but it's a whole lot of fun."
4.7   5
BMW2013 BMW Z4
"...available with Adaptive M Sport suspension, consisting of computer-controlled adjustable dampers that constantly vary their firmness based on road surface inputs, steering angle and lateral acceleration data. "
4.5   5
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