• Where Is Your Car’s Air Filter is Located

    You should change your car’s air filter about every 10,000 or 15,000 miles to keep your car running at its best. Your car’s air filter blocks dirt, debris and other things that could potentially clog up your engine and result in poor performance and less efficient fuel economy. You can take the car in for service, and have someone else do it for you; however, changing your car’s air filter yourself will save you a lot of money. So, here’s a quick guide on how to find your car’s air filter.

    Step 1- Raise the Hood

    On almost all of the vehicles manufactured today, the car air filter is located in the engine area. So, you should first open the hood of your vehicle and make sure that the hood is held open securely with the hood retaining pole or rod.

    Step 2- Find Your Car Air Filter

    On most modern vehicles, the car air filter will be one side or the other of your car’s main engine block. Generally speaking, the car air filter should be square or rectangular in shape and will usually be enclosed in a black plastic box that has a plastic hose or pipe extending from it that disappears somewhere down into the lower engine area. In order to gain access to the filter, you may have to open a couple of snaps on the filter box in order to remove the filter.

    On some types of older vehicles, the air filter will be in a round cylindrical container that is affixed directly atop the engine block area. There is usually a wing nut attached to the top of the filter cover plate that will need to be removed. Once you remove the wing nut, you should be able to see the round air filter used in many older vehicles.