• When to Use a Rust Repair Panel

    If a portion of your vehicle has rusted out due to exposure and corrosion, you may benefit from purchasing a rust repair panel to help replace the damaged area. Panel replacement is a very common procedure that can often be done at home, although it does depend upon which restoration panels you’ll need to use and which part(s) of the car are damaged.

    Selecting a Rust Repair Panel

    Rust repair panels are essentially exact replacements of various panels on the frame of your vehicle. These panels are split up into different sections so that they can easily be replaced without having to modify the entire frame of the car, should something happen. You’ll need to identify the exact panel type for your vehicle based on its make, model and production year. You’ll also need to identify by name the panel itself that requires replacement.

    When a Panel Isn’t Necessary

    There are certain occasions when a panel may not be necessary. Specifically, if the rusted portion of the frame of your car is not particularly large and can be remedied by a bit of small body work, you will likely only be wasting your time with a panel. However, a replacement panel does provide a completely smooth and new appearance to that section of car, so many people do choose this option anyway, even if the rust damage is minimal.

    Rust repair panels are available at most automotive repair shops and auto body shops around the country. Ask a professional at one of these stores for additional assistance.