• What Is an Eco-Friendly Car Repair Shop

    Car owners have a choice of which car repair shop they choose to go to for getting the fixes needed to keep them on the road. An eco-friendly repair shop is one such option: the rise of “greener” or more environmentally friendly auto repair shops is part of a larger consumer phenomenon where America’s buyers are starting to care more and more about where they spend their money and how their vendors are treating the biosphere.

    The Eco Friendly Auto Repair Shop: What It Is

    When drivers look for eco-friendly auto shops, they are looking for businesses that have, first and foremost, made a commitment to helping conserve energy and keep the land, air and water clean. These shops may be credentialed or rated by national organizations like ASTM or other standards agencies. But these shops can also be called green according to what they do on a daily basis, either in the realm of energy conservation, source material reduction, proper toxic disposal or driver health.

    Practices Of Eco-Friendly Shops

    An eco friendly car shop may help a customer choose greener products, from low-sulfur diesel fuel or biodiesel to non-toxic paints or compounds for the auto body. The shop may help a customer with conserving electricity through innovative work on hybrid vehicles. The shop may also give advice on better ways to conserve on the road, such as maintaining good tire pressure, getting wheel alignment, improving catalytic converter or fuel injection systems, or lightening the load on a vehicle.

    This is just a part of what an eco friendly car shop does and how a driver can recognize one. Talk to local mechanics about their commitment to the environment, and develop a good win-win situation where your auto repair dollars contribute to a better future for everyone.