• What Is Air Filter Oil

    If you use a high performance or lifetime air filter in your vehicle, you might want to consider using air filter oil to lubricate your air filter as well. Air filter oil is a specially formulated type of oil that is very sticky and is used to coat high-performance or lifetime air filters. By applying air filter oil and allowing it to dry, it helps to improve the air filters ability to filter out contaminants as well as make the filter more resistant to possible water intake should the engine compartment of your car or truck get very wet for whatever reason.

    Advantages of Air Filter Oil

    Coating your high performance air filter with air filter oil will allow the air filter to trap even more engine damaging dirt, debris and other potential contaminants to prevent them entering your car’s engine. In fact, air filter oil is often sold as part of a kit to create a more high-performance type of air intake system.

    By preventing even more types of contaminants from entering your engine, air filter oil also helps to preserve the life of your engine’s motor oil and may help reduce the frequency of engine oil changes. If you choose to use air filter oil, you may need to purchase cleaning solutions made specifically for this purpose. Also, while air filter oil effectively helps filter more contaminants, it does not hinder air from entering your engine.