• What Is a Cold Air Intake System

    A cold air intake system is commonly used to replace the standard air filter and intake system on many vehicles. Cold air intake systems allow cooler air to enter your car’s engine and usually result in added horsepower and performance for your vehicle.

    Benefits of a Cold Air Intake System

    Most cold air intake systems allow for highly increased amounts of air to flow into your car’s engine. Because your car engine uses internal combustion to produce power, more air means more efficient combustion, thus allowing your engine to create more horsepower and provide better performance for your vehicle. In fact, some cold air intake systems will allow you to boost the performance of of your vehicle by as much as 20 to 25 hp.

    While most factory-installed air intake systems are concerned more with providing a quieter engine and ride, cold air intake systems are designed for performance. So, you will find that many times using a cold air intake system on your vehicle will cause your vehicle to be much louder. However, the throaty sound created by most cold air intake systems is something that many car enthusiasts find appealing, and is the sound most associated with high-performance vehicles.

    In addition to added performance, a cold air intake system can help your engine work much more efficiently and last longer. Depending on how you drive the vehicle, you may also notice improved fuel efficiency and better gas mileage with your vehicle because the engine does not need to work as hard to create adequate amounts of horsepower.