• What Does a Standard Auto Repair Insurance Plan Cover?

    If you need an auto repair insurance policy, there are many plans and options available. However, if you only need coverage for major components and systems, you should consider that purchasing a standard auto repair insurance policy can save you a lot of money over a costlier bumper to bumper policy or warranty. Most insurance companies are only too happy to sell you the “loaded” policies and plans that increase the cost of your policy premium considerably. However, in most cases, standard coverage is may be all that you really need.

    What Standard Auto Repair Insurance Covers

    Most of the time, a standard auto repair insurance policy will pay the costs for parts and repairs for a vehicle’s major systems, such as: the brakes, drive train and transmission. Because standard policies usually cover these types of costly repairs, this type of coverage is enough for most people. But, all car repair policies require some sort of deductible be met before the policy will pay for and needed parts or repairs for your vehicle.

    Also, you should know there might be exclusions or limitations in standard auto repair insurance policies call for the use of cheaper, aftermarket parts when your car is repaired. Most standard policies will not cover any accessories or options that may be included on your vehicle and most of these policies do not cover tires or body damage. If you need total car repair coverage, you need to choose a policy that offers more coverage benefits. However, these policies are much more expensive.