• Tools Required for a Proper Auto Tune Up

    There are many tools required for an auto tune up. This article will outline all of the most common tools and some of the less common tools as well as their uses.

    Most Common Tools and their Uses

    Ratchet: Used to loosen and tighten the spark plugs, as well as loosen any bolts that are in the way of completing the job.

    Socket Set: Used in conjunction with the ratchet to perform the same tasks as the ratchet.

    Screwdrivers: Used to remove screws holding down items that need to be removed. A standard screwdriver is also used to pry small items in tight areas.

    Spark Plug Gap Tool: This tool is used to measure the gap of the spark plug to ensure it is what the manufacturer recommends. This tool is also used to change the gap of certain spark plugs.

    Torque Wrench: This tool is used to torque the spark plugs, as well as other bolts, to the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Collapsible Magnet: This tool is a magnet on the end of an extendable rod. This tool is used to remove the spark plugs from hard to reach areas as well as bolts and screws that may be dropped in small crevices.

    Spark Plug Socket: This is a socket designed specifically to remove spark plugs. It typically has a rubber insert at the top to “grab” the spark plug so it does not fall off while removing or placing the spark plug.

    Electrical Grease: This is grease that conducts electricity. It is used on electrical contacts to prevent them from rusting, therefore keeping a good current flow.

    Anti Seize: A coating used on the spark plugs to make certain they do not seize to the engine. This makes them easier to remove the next time you perform a tune up.

    Digital Camera: Yes a digital camera is great for tune ups so you can take a before picture to ensure you put everything back the way it is supposed to go.

    Extendable Mirror: This is a flexible mirror on an extendable rod. This is used to see into those areas that are in a place you cannot see from the top of the engine.

    Less Common Tools and their Uses

    Spark Tester: This tool is used to test the spark coming from the ignition wire to ensure the spark is getting to the plug.

    Feeler gauge: This is generally used for setting the points of an older vehicle. Years ago, this was a very common tool for a tune up, but with new cars not having point, it has become less common.

    Timing light: This tool is primarily used on older vehicles. It is used to check the timing of the vehicle is correct after performing the tune up.

    Now that you know what tools are going to be needed to complete your auto tune up, take a quick inventory of the tools to make certain you have what is needed. Then, get started tuning up your car.