• Tips for Proper Car Spray Paint Use

    Car spray paint will give you some of the most even layers when applying paint. You can use a spray gun or use an aerosol spray paint made specifically for cars. Be aware that most car paint can be hazardous to your health in some way. You should never start car spray painting unless you have prepared a well-ventilated room and are wearing appropriate safety gear. In some cases you may need to use a respirator.

    • Get the Right Kind of Paint: There are many different types of car paint and spray paint and you want to get the right kind. You do not want to use regular spray paint, but a type that is made specifically for autos. You can find auto paint cans that attach to spray guns or aerosols.
    • Preparation is Key: The most important part of spray painting is preparing the car. If you do not properly strip the old paint, clean away debris and prime the car, then it does not matter what type of spray paint you use. You will not get good results.
    • Mixing the Paint: It is very important you mix the paint properly. A paint that is too thick will not spray and can clog the spray gun. Each paint will come with the correct mixture ratios and you should follow these. Sometimes you may need to add a little more thinner to get a good spray. If you are having trouble with the current mix, try adding some additional thinner and see how that performs.
    • Don’t Use Secondhand: Try to avoid using a second-hand spray gun at all costs. There are many problems that can occur with a used product, which will waste your time and be very frustrating. You can get a good quality spray gun for under $100. You should buy the highest quality spray gun that your budget will allow.
    • Use a Paint Filter: It is best to have a paint filter attached to the end of the paint pick-up tube. This will filter out any hard paint or debris that can cause splats and imperfections when spraying the paint. This filter can last a long time.
    • Test it First: Before you start spraying paint onto the car, you should test it to make sure the air valve is opened at the correct level. The distribution of the paint will depend on how open the valve is. If it is not open enough then you will get paint dripping down when spraying due to heavy build-up in the center of the spray. Try to get the most even distribution of paint as possible.
    • Check the Quality of the Spray: To test the quality you should do a fast sweep of paint across a piece of paper. If you notice the finish is patchy, then you probably have a blocked pot vent or need to adjust the pressure. It is best to keep the pressure as low as you can, as this lays down a thin and even layer of paint. The best pressure will depend on the gun you are using. Lower the pressure incrementally to see if there are any differences between the sprays. Then choose the one that you are the happiest with.