• Three Top Brake Kits on Today’s Market

    One of the most popular ways to enhance the look and performance of your car is to install brake kits. These kits will normally contain some or all of the following parts:

    • Big, cross drilled rotors: Larger rotors that are cross-drilled give more stopping power to the vehicle by providing more surface area for the friction material to grip, and by allowing the rotors to run cooler, thanks to the drilling.
    • Bigger calipers: Bigger calipers go hand in hand with bigger rotors. They hold bigger pads and thus provide enhanced braking power.
    • Stainless steel braided brake lines: Brake lines carry the fluid pressure from the brake master cylinder and reservoir to the individual wheels. Stainless steel lines serve 2 purposes: they dress up the brake line and they provide added strength and durability.
    • Rear disc conversion kits: It is a known fact that disc brakes work better and last longer than drum brakes. They also look much better. So conversion kits also serve 2 purposes: dressing up the look of the car and providing enhanced stopping power.

    Currently there are a large number of suppliers of brake kits on the market. 3 of them stand out for special notice:

    1. Brembo Brake Systems Brembo Gran Turismo Brake System: These kits contain 14 inch cross-drilled rotors and 4 piston calipers in black, red or silver.
    2. StopTech Big Brake Kits: These kits also come with 14 inch rotors that are slotted for cooling, big, bright red 4 piston calipers and stainless steel lines.
    3. SSBC Performance Brake Systems: As the name implies, kits from SSBC are aimed at the high performance aftermarket crowd. With huge slotted and cross-drilled rotors, massive colorful 2 and 4 piston rotors and stainless steel brake lines, these kits are for those who like to drive fast and stop safely and fast.

    No matter what reason you have for wanting a brake kit, there’s one available for you. Whether you’re just looking to make your ride look better, or have plans to take it out to the track and race it, you can find the perfect kit for your needs.