• Pros and Cons of Using a Car Glass Repair Kit

    If your car window or windshield is damaged, you have to get your car glass repair work done immediately. Your windshield not only protects you from external elements while you’re driving, but is a glass you have to look through to safely maneuver your car. It also ensures your safety in a rollover accident. You can either repair the car glass with the help of a car glass repair kit, readily available in the local auto repair shop, or you can use the assistance of a qualified technician to do so.

    Pros of Using a Car Glass Repair Kit

    • Convenience
      You should first determine whether the damage is repairable. If repairs can be carried out, you should follow the instructions on the kit carefully. It’s best to carry out the repairs in the shade, on a sunny day, to facilitate the drying process. This can be done at your convenience, according to your own schedule.
    • Economical
      Car glass repair kits are reasonably priced and you can get one for $11 to $19. Having a technician do the repairs on the other hand, will cost you about $100.
    • Time Saving
      If you decide to do the repairs yourself, you will only need a couple of hours. However, if you get it repaired by a technician, you will have to keep the car in the repair shop for the whole day. You can save time and money by doing the repairs yourself, by using an auto glass repair kit.

    Cons of Using a Car Glass Repair Kit

    • Lack of Experience
      It’s true that the DIY auto glass repair kits provide instructions, a tool to remove broken glass, a way to inject resin in the damaged area and a piece of curing film. However, the kit doesn’t provide you with years of experience and a trained eye, which a qualified technician can provide.
    • Identifying the Type of Damage
      You might realize that the glass is damaged but might fail to identify whether the damage is a crack, a star break or a combination break. A technician will accurately identify the type of damage and will be able to carry out different types of repairs for different types of damage.
    • Amount of Pressure to Apply
      You might not be aware of the amount of pressure you need to apply and might end up causing the windshield to crack. In this case you would then have to go through the added expense of replacing the windshield.
    • Lack of Professional Equipment
      The technician has a range of professional equipment available and can do a better job of filling up the damaged area completely.
    • Lack of High Quality Resins
      The resin provided in the auto glass repair kit isn’t of a high quality, unlike resins used by technicians.
    • Guaranteed
      Unlike the technician, you can’t guarantee that the crack won’t progress in severity and that the windshield will be safe, if you choose to do the repairs yourself.
    • Insurance Coverage
      If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, such repairs (in most states) are reimbursed without the claim being noted on your policy and without you having to pay a deductible. Thus, you can get the repairs done for free and there is no need to do them yourself.

    Whether you decide to do the repairs yourself or have a technician do them, you shouldn’t procrastinate, as contamination from environmental debris and stress from changing temperatures can cause the chip in your windshield to grow and result in expensive repairs.