• Pros and Cons of Going to an Auto Body Repair School

    If you are looking to become an auto body mechanic, it is important to attend an auto body repair school for the formal training as well as on-the-job experience. Advances in technology are such that the structure, components and materials used by automotive mechanics change immensely, and you need to be on top of your game to stand out among your peers. Auto body mechanics need to apply a wide range of skills and tools that include the use of grinders, welders and soldering machines. New demands are placed on the repair industry with the new materials and designs that are constantly being introduced. It is important to invest in a school that provides students with the background needed to adapt to these challenges. Enroll in a school that is NATEF/ASE certified.

    Upon graduation, technicians can gain more responsibility and do more complex tasks. Others go on to open up their own body shops. Self employed auto body repair technicians enjoy the career freedom and independence that comes with business ownership. The first step towards career growth is enrolling in a Regional Occupational Program that specializes in automotive repair techniques. Like any other industry, there are pros and cons that are associated with it.

    Pros of Going to an Auto Body Repair School

    • Using the online information available you are able to browse for auto body repair schools in your area
    • It is possible to take an online course, cutting down on commuting by studying long distance
    • Online courses are completed at the student’s convenience
    • You obtain hands-on training in a live setting, giving you practical experience
    • You get strong industry connections as a result of your formal training
    • You get credentials that will help you further your career
    • You learn from a team of dedicated and experienced instructors
    • You obtain certification credits
    • You learn to adapt to the challenges in the industry
    • You are taught the body shop basics and tools 
    • You learn about the materials used in welding and metalworking

    Cons of Going to an Auto Body Repair School

    • The auto body repair schools that offer the best training packages are often expensive schools
    • Not affordable for many people, with a student kit costing more than $1,000
    • Live video communication requires investing in a computer and Internet; these accompanying costs could be a burden on a student
    • Due to the rapid technology changes, refresher courses are necessary and these cost money
    • Students taking courses long distance suffer from social isolation as they miss out on the personal touch of the lectures and could cause a disconnect
    • It is expensive to ship reading materials or materials for practical lessons
    • Lots of sacrifice needed in order to get things done in time
    • Feedback from lecturers is not immediate and could be frustrating

    Auto body repair is a lucrative business, as there will always be cars that need repairs. If you are interested in the course, use the information given to help you make a wise decision.