• Pros and Cons of Car Paint Stripping

    If not done right, car paint stripping may be a task that can bring more damage to your car paint than you realize. Tackling this task alone may require more than the knowledge of properly using a spray gun.

    There are both advantages and disadvantages in stripping the car paint on your own. Exploring the pros and cons will help you determine if it is better to make car paint stripping a do-it-yourself project or just bring the car to a professional and let them do the work.

    Pros of Car Pain Stripping

    • Car Stripping Can Remove Rust: An advantage of car stripping is that it helps remove and repair rust. Since car stripping requires a form of sanding, a heavy duty sanding method it can remove any rust that is hiding on the metal frame.
    • Re-spraying and Restoration: An advantage of car paint stripping is that you are able to re-spray your car without having to deal with all of the many steps involved in actually painting a raw or new vehicle frame. Car stripping is also a step to car restorations.
    • Preparation for a Custom Paint Job: Most custom paint jobs require the car to be stripped of its existing paint. Car stripping is an essential procedure in preparing a vehicle for a custom paint job.

    Cons of Car Paint Stripping

    • Which Stripping Method Is Best: One of the disadvantages of stripping car paint on your own is knowing the proper way to strip off the paint. There are different ways you can strip paint from your car. You can strip car paint by media blasting, hand sanding, sand blasting, using chemical removers and dipping. If you don’t know which one is the appropriate way to remove car paint, you might end up with a half-done stripping job. If you do know which stripping method is best for your car, then stripping paint will be easy as pie.
    • Sanding Errors: The proper sanding method and technique is needed to do a great job of stripping paint. However, if any mistakes are made during sanding then your car can collect rust in a very short time. Immature sanding can also cause your car to gain rust, particularly if it’s not yet ready to be painted.
    • Chemicals Use: Some paint strippers used for stripping paint can be quite hazardous, especially if not used properly. These chemicals can cause eye and skin irritation. The chemicals can also cause dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and loss of body coordination. In worse cases, paint strippers can eventually lead to reproductive problems, liver, kidney or brain damage as well as cancer.

    Repairing Paint Chips vs. Car Stripping

    In some cases, a car paint stripping job may not be the solution for your car paint problems. Just because there is a chip or damage to the paint of your vehicle it does not necessarily mean that you need to totally strip it off with the paint. You may just need to sand a small area of the car and repair a chip.