• Paint Scratch Repair: A Tool Requirement List

    Paint scratch repair is like most jobs: having the right tools is crucial. Scratches in your paint can be aggravating, but they are nearly inevitable. If you want to take care of them yourself, make sure you have the right tools ready to do the job.

    • Soft Cleaning Cloths
      As with any kind of repairs to your vehicle’s exterior finish, you can’t do a paint scratch repair or a rock chip paint repair without properly cleaning and drying the vehicle first. That means you’ll need some good soft cleaning cloths.
    • Soft Towels
      Once you’re done cleaning the surface, make sure it’s completely dry before you begin the scratch repair surface. That means you’ll need towels. Get towels that are specifically made for cars, because using the wrong towel could cause more scratches.
    • Sand Paper
      For many scratches, sanding can be the best method of repairing it. This is particularly true if the scratch is in the clear coat, but does not extend into the actual paint layer. Then you just need to carefully even out the area around the scratch so that the surface is uniform. If the scratch goes into the paint layer, but not far, you can also do the same to that type of ding. Be careful not to sand down beyond the paint layer, and be sure to clear coat after you are done in either case.
    • Paint Scratch Repair Pen
      You can buy pens that are used to repair paint scratches. These work essentially like a marker. That makes them a good choice for you if you aren’t that handy with a sprayer. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to properly prepare the surface before you use the pen. Another consideration is the fact that paint scratch repair pens are only designed for small scratches. If you have a scratch that’s even half the size of a dime or larger, it’s not the right choice.
    • Polisher
      Whatever method you used to repair the scratch, you’ll find it looks dull compared to the rest of the finish. Use a polisher to restore a uniform appearance. You can get a hand polisher, but you might want to invest in a power polisher.

    Pain scratch repair is something that can enhance the look of your vehicle. It can be pricey if you go to a professional. With the proper tools and a little research and practice, you can do some great scratch repair on your own.