• Need Free Auto Body Repair? Do It Yourself!

    In tough economic times, many auto owners are looking to themselves for free auto body repair. Whether it’s a dent, a scrape or chip in the paint, fixing some common blemishes to your car’s exterior is easier than you may think. With a few easy to obtain items, owners can perform some light DIY home auto repair and save money.

    Scratches and Paint Chips

    You may have backed into a pole or a shopping cart, or perhaps a rock ricocheted from a passing car or truck may have dinged your once pristine paint job. It doesn’t have to mean having to call your agent to file a claim on your insurance for coverage repair. It’s not like you have to repaint your entire vehicle. Instead, contact the service department of a local auto dealer to order touch up the paint for the make and model of your car. Each model has a code for the matching paint. Here’s how to repair these minor blemishes yourself:

    • Gently sand the edges around the area to be touched up.
    • Clean and dry the area, then apply the paint. Be sure you’re in an area that is sheltered from the wind.
    • Apply the paint lightly, then let it dry thoroughly. You can always add an additional coat if necessary.
    • If the temperature outside is below the recommended temperature listed on the paint insert for proper application, use a heat lamp to increase the temperature on the area you’re repairing.
    • Let it dry overnight, use a bit of rubbing compound to smooth out any flaws, then follow up with a good wax to seal and protect it.


    At any auto parts store, you can purchase a dent puller – a suction cup with a handle which you can affix to the dent and gently pop it out. If the dent has creases or hard edges, be very careful to not pull too hard, as this can damage the paint. Hold a board against the edge as you pull the dent out. This will reduce pulling the dent past its original form and keep the paint intact.