• How to Use a Car Dent Puller

    A car dent puller is a simple tool that can save you a great deal of money. If you have a small dent on your vehicle, you’ll be able to fix it yourself instead of going in to the body shop. It’s simple to use and there are also suction dent pullers available.

    Tools and Materials

    • Dent puller kit
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Suction dent puller

    Step 1 – Cleaning

    Start by cleaning the dent and the area surrounding it. It’s important to be thorough with this, as it will help the suction cup adhesive stick more firmly. Be sure to use a good cleaner on the area, rub thoroughly and then wash clean so there’s no soap residue.

    Step 2 – Preparing the Dent Puller

    Take your car dent puller and arrange it so the knobs at the edge and the center are in the ready position-that is, completely loose. If you’re not sure what to do, look at the instructions that came with the car dent puller. Take out the adhesive from the kit and apply it to all the suction pads. You only need to use a very thin layer.

    With that done, you’re ready to place the car dent puller on the dent. Position it so that the pad in the center sits in the middle of the dent. Spread the arms so that the other pads fasten down between 2 inches and 3 inches from the dent’s edge.

    Step 3 – Pulling the Dent

    You need to hold the pads so they stay firmly in position. Keep a hold for 5 minutes, then leave the car dent puller in place for 6 hours, which gives the adhesive ample time to dry. When you return to the car dent puller, begin to turn the middle pad in a counter clockwise direction. You need to go slowly and not break the adhesive bond. As you twist, you’ll discover that you’re pulling out the dent. Keep going until you’ve pulled it out completely.

    To break the adhesive, you’ll need to twist the pads outside the dent. From this you’ll be able to remove all the pads. You might have a little adhesive clinging to the paintwork. You can remove this by scraping gently with a flathead screwdriver. Use the cleaner once more on the dent area to wipe off any extra adhesive.

    Step 4 – Suction Cup Dent Puller

    There’s also a  simpler way to do the job, using a large suction cup car dent puller. This takes more strength, but works far more quickly. The tool is a large suction cut with two handles in the middle. To use it, you need to push the suction cup into the dent, experimenting several times until you achieve strong suction.

    You lock the car dent puller by push the handles together. Having that lock is vital. Once you’ve achieved it, start to pull the dent out with muscle power. Don’t try to yank it out, but apply firm, even pressure until it’s out. Open the handles to release the lock and remove the car dent puller from the body.