• How to Tell If Your Auto Glass Needs a Replacement or Repair

    Before contemplating an auto glass replacement or repair for your car, it is important to understand the difference between an auto glass replacement and an auto glass repair.

    When is auto glass repair needed?

    Auto glass repair should be performed is there is a fine crack or a chip in your car’s windshield. It does not involve replacing the entire windshield and is usually not a long or expensive process. Your auto insurance company will most likely cover the charges for an auto glass repair. A windshield is made up of two layers of glass with a vinyl layer between them. A general rule of thumb is that a crack or a chip can be repaired if the damage is in the outer layer of the windshield’s glass and size of the crack or a chip is less than the size of a quarter.

    Auto glass repair process

    The repair process involves drilling into the windshield crack and injecting it with resin. Resin helps in sealing the crack, making it moisture and debris free.

    When is auto glass replacement needed?

    Auto glass replacement is required only if a crack in your windshield widens to the extent that it cannot be sealed by injecting resin. An easy way to identify if your car windshield needs to be replaced is to check if the crack is larger than a one dollar bill or a quarter. If it is, then it requires a replacement. Most auto insurance companies also cover charges required for auto glass replacement.

    Auto Glass Replacement

    Auto glass replacement involves removal of your car’s current windshield and replacing it with a new one. After the damaged windshield is removed, the auto glass frame is cleaned and coated with urethane which bonds the new windshield to the car. This is an elaborate and expensive process compared to the auto glass repair. As a result, it is important to not ignore a fine crack in your windshield and act upon it before it spreads and requires an auto glass replacement.