• How to Save Money on Auto Body Painting

    Auto body painting is an art as well as a science. If you have a vehicle that needs to be repainted, you can take it to a professional, spend a great deal of money and hope you end up with good results. Most people, however, are on a budget and need to save money. You can even do that with auto body painting.

    Tools and Materials

    • Spray paint gun
    • Paint
    • Primer
    • Sandpaper

    Step One – Doing It Yourself

    The best way to save on auto body painting is to do the work yourself. It will cost you a great deal less. The problem is that you need experience and time to do a good job on the car. You’ll need to construct an auto paint booth, for instance. This is perfectly feasible, and you can do it for just a few dollars, but it takes time and commitment. If you want your car on the road quickly, doing it yourself probably isn’t the route for you.

    You only need to purchase a minimum of equipment. You can even rent a spray gun when you need it, which saves you the expense of buying one. You can, however, purchase one for a small amount, around $100.

    Step Two – Preparation

    Good preparation is vital when it comes to auto body painting. You need to have properly patched any areas that need it, and applied filler to any dents. Give the filler ample time to dry and sand it smooth. With a damp cloth remove all the dust from the sanding. Don’t hurry the preparation. The better the surface, the stronger the bond to the paint and the smoother the final finish. Be thorough and ensure the surface is as silky as possible.

    Step Three – Primer

    Decide whether you want to use urethane primer or epoxy primer. Each has its advantages and an epoxy primer will offer you a much better seal and require fewer coats than a urethane primer. This can save you time and money on auto body painting.

    Step Four – Painting

    The painting stage is the make or break part of the process. One area where you should not try and skimp is on auto body paint. Buy the very best you can afford, and apply several coats. If you try and get by with less, the finish won’t be as deep, and won’t wear as long. You’ll be able to cut back on other areas, such as by constructing your own auto paint booth with PVC poles and plastic.

    Before you begin spraying, practice using a spray gun. Become proficient in it. That way you’ll approach the job with confidence. Keep the spray gun at the correct distance from the surface. This is about 8 inches for a conventional spray gun and between 2 inches and 4 inches for an HVLP spray gun. By doing everything yourself, you stand to save a small fortune. If you can do it well, you’ll have a car to be proud of and the satisfaction of being the person behind it. Your bank account will also be much healthier.