• How to Repair a Side View Mirror

    Performing a repair on your side view mirror is a simple process that can be completed with a little bit of time an effort, potentially saving you a lot of money. Both electronic mirrors and manual moving mirrors can be repaired at home with the use of a few tools. To begin you will need to round up the required tools. Screwdrivers, both flathead and Phillips, a ratchet set, and of course, your new mirror will all be used in this process. As always it is a good idea to consult any mirror repair instructions that come with your new side mirror prior to beginning the repair.

    Step 1: Determine the Problem.

    Ascertain exactly what is wrong with your mirror. The most common problem you will encounter is broken glass. Manual mirrors are easier to fix than electronic ones. Most electronic mirrors will require you to buy a whole assembly, whereas manual mirrors you will just need the piece of glass you wish to replace.

    Step 2a: Remove and Replace the Glass (For Manual Mirrors)

    Repairing the glass of a manual mirror is extremely easy. Remove the old glass by prying it off with a flathead screwdriver. It is a good idea to wear gloves when doing this in order to prevent any cuts. With the glass removed peel and stick the new glass into the proper location, and you should be done

    Step 2b: Remove the Assembly (For Electronic Mirrors)

    Most side mirrors have an access panel you can see when the door is open. Usually this is a small triangular piece of plastic screwed into the door. Some access doors do not have screws, these will most likely pop off when pried off with a flat head screwdriver. Once the panel is removed unplug the wiring harness and unbolt the mirror assembly from the inside. Make sure you hold the mirror while you remove the bolts or else it will fall or put unwanted stress on the bolts while you work.

    Step 3: Install the New Mirror

    With the old mirror successfully removed it is time to install the new one. Mount the new mirror in the proper location and feed the wires into the door. You may need some assistance holding the mirror while you do this. Connect the new mirror to the wire harness and then bolt the new mirror into place, just like the old one was.

    Step 4: Test the Mirror

    Test the mirror to ensure it works properly. If it does you can re-install the access panel. If not double check the wiring harness to ensure you have the new mirror properly installed. If you are still experiencing problems there is most likely a problem with the wiring or a fuse elsewhere in the car. Double check that the fuses in the car are in working order but if you still are experiencing problems it could be the wiring. In these instances you may need to have the car brought into a service station and have the wiring checked.