• How to Repair a Rear View Mirror

    The rear view mirror on your vehicle has fallen off so you need a few tips to repair your rear view mirror. Don’t fret though, the adhesive that holds this mirror on does deteriorate over time and is not a major task when repair is needed. This article will give you some well needed tips when performing this repair on your vehicle.

    • Buy the kits designed for this repair. Do not attempt to piece together what you think will work for the repair. Engineers spend numerous hours putting together the best products to ensure a proper repair the first time.
    • Use only the chemicals that are designed for this type of repair. Using the incorrect chemical can cause the adhesive to not stick, or even worse, cause a damaging chemical reaction.
    • Make certain that all the surfaces that are being glued are properly cleaned. Clean the windshield with alcohol and use a razor blade to scrape any debris off of the windshield. Make certain that the metal “button” is cleaned and scraped as well. Debris can cause the adhesive to not stick as designed and the mirror will fall of sooner than it should.
    • Allow the glue to cure for the time needed before attaching the mirror to the button. Attaching the mirror too early put weight on the adhesive in which it has not cured long enough to support.
    • Wear gloves! The adhesive used is designed to stick for many years. You can only imagine how long it will stick to your skin if you should get it on you.
    • Don’t rush it. A little bit of extra time will make the repair go much smoother. If you don’t have about an hour or so to dedicate to just fixing this problem, do not start it yet. Rushing through this repair can cause all kinds of problems that you do not want to encounter.
    • You only have one real chance to get this repair right. Once the glue sets in, it is very difficult to start over. Make certain to double check everything before you glue the button.
    • The most common mistake is to glue the button upside down. This makes mounting the mirror the right way absolutely impossible.
    • Make sure to cover the area directly below where the glue is going. This glue does serious damage to dashboards and leather, so you do not want to get this on those items. Take the extra time to protect these areas.
    • Perform this repair in “normal” temperatures. Many of these kits do say that you can use it in any temperature, but try to do it at a normal temperature (between 50 and 80 degrees).

    With these basics tips provided by this article, you will be able to repair you vehicles rear view mirror with relative ease. Now that you know these tips, go find the kit you need and start the repair.