• How to Repair a Power Window Yourself

    Imagine that a power window on your vehicle has stopped working and you need to repair a power window yourself. This situation can be caused by several different problems. This article will outline the most common causes and some basic repair steps.

    One main cause to power window failure is that the power window switch has malfunctioned. This is diagnosed by using a multi-meter to check if power is coming from the switch when the button is pushed. If there is no power then the switch is not functioning. The switch itself is relatively simple to replace by following these simple steps;

    • First, remove the door panel
    • Next, locate the wire pigtail that leads to the switch and unplug it
    • Then, once the switch is unplugged use a screw driver to pull the switch out
    • Next, verify that the plug on the new switch is the same as the old one
    • Next, push the new switch in the open hole until it snaps into place
    • Then, plug in the new switch
    • Next, verify that the new switch functions properly
    • Lastly, replace the door panel and you are completed

    Another main cause of power window failure is that the window motor has failed. This is verified by using an outside power source to turn the motor on. If the motor does not turn on then the motor has failed. This repair requires a little more skill, but the basic steps are as follows;

    • First, remove the door panel
    • Next, locate the access holes to the motor
    • Then, using a ratchet and socket remove the bolts holding the motor to the regulator
    • Then, disconnect the plug from the motor, pull the motor off of the regulator and out of the door
    • Next, match up the old motor to the new one
    • Then, put the new motor in the door
    • Next, attach the motor to the regulator and plug the new motor in
    • Lastly replace the door panel and you are done

    The final common cause is a faulty regulator. This repair is determined by a visual inspection. Typically, a cable on the regulator has broken and you can see that by removing the door panel. To replace this is relatively simple; a bit of advice is to replace the motor and regulator as one assembly. The basic steps to replace it as an assembly are as follows;

    • First, remove the door panel
    • Next, push the window all the way to the top and secure it there with tape
    • Then, detach the plastic glass holders from the regulator
    • Then, remove the regulator by drilling out rivets or unbolting it
    • Next, remove the regulator through the door
    • Then, place the new regulator and motor in the door and bolt it in place
    • Next, bolt guides on the new regulator and remove tape from window
    • Next, verify the proper operation of the new window regulator
    • Finally, put the door panel back on te door

    With the knowledge to repair the most common power window problem, you can now get started on repairing your power windows.