• How to Repair a Headlight Lens

    In the event that you have to repair headlight of your vehicle, you can follow these simple instructions to complete a do it yourself project. It does not matter if you need to replace front headlights  or rear headlight on your vehicles. These instructions work well for both.

    Find a Matching Bulb

    You will have to find the bulb that matches your own. Basically you are going to replace the inner light bulb that is inside of the holder. Your car will have a specific bulb so be sure to purchase the correct one. Your owner’s manual that came with your car can provide the details for which one you need. Have basic supplies available. To fix your broken headlight you will need to have pliers and a flat head screwdriver. It will also be helpful to have a small towel available to wipe away any debris that is present.

    Remove Holder

    Remove the holders that keep the lights in place. You can use your flat head screwdriver to get the hard plastic cover off. Once this has been removed you will see a rubber holder that should be removed as well. A pronged electric plug will be protruding from the back of the headlight unit itself. Unplug this cord after the rubber has been removed. Once you have removed the rubber you will notice that it is marked top and bottom. This is important for when you have to put the parts back together. The light bulb is now exposed. There is a clip located at the top of the bulb. Once you push the clip downwards you will be able to start the actual light bulb replacement. A small metal holder is released. The purpose of the holders is to keep the headlights in place while you are driving. These holders are fragile so when you are opening them do so slowly.

    Remove the Bulb

    Be careful when pulling the bulb from the mount. There are prongs that keep the light bulb in place so you do not want to break this from the headlight. Remove both of the headlights from each side of the vehicle. If you have other locations on the car that need headlight replacement, this would be the proper time to follow through with the previous steps.

    Insert the New Light Bulbs

    Remove the new head lights from the packaging. Insert each headlight according to the prong that is on t

    he light bulb. If there are no prongs available simply twist the lights in until they are securely fit into each holder. If your actual head light lens is broken you have access at this point to replace them as well. They are the clear hard plastic cover on the outside that can be replaced from within. Most of the headlight lens pops into place after you have inserted them into the headlight fixtures.

    Reassemble the Headlights

    Throw away old light bulbs. Connect all wires back to the main headlights. Secure all metal backings to keep the headlights in place. Discard old headlight lenses as well. Some old contents can be recycled.