• How to Repair a Fender With a Dent

    If you need to repair a fender on your vehicle, this can be achieved either by yourself or by taking the vehicle in to a shop. For those who want to do this as an at home project you will only need a few supplies. Coarse paper, industrial strength tape, and paint are a few of the must-have supplies to make the fender bender repairs. Bumper crash repairs can be extremely costly depending on how bad the damage is to your vehicles. Plastic fenders are simple to fix at home. If your fender is a hard metal it would be wise to purchase a new fender to place on your vehicle.

    Clean the Area With the Dent

    The first thing you should do when you are ready to take the dent out is clean the area that has to be fixed. This makes any prep work that you are going to apply, bond to the surface. Use car soap and water to wash. If it is a crack simply hold the fender together so that you can apply a mixture of weld that will hold the piece in place. After you have finished use your tape to hold the crack mold together.

    Take the Fender Off

    To get the dent out of the fender you must take the fender off of the vehicle. Use your tools to get the fender off correctly. If you pull the fender off without the tools you risk destroying more of the fender.  Once the fender is off you can push the dent in by pushing it in on the other side. If there are any visible marks on the fender you can use your paint to cover them up. However, you are going to first get the paint off of the fender so that you only see the bare metal. Next you must pull the dent out of the car. Point your dent pulling machine to the middle of the dent so you are not pulling too high up. You then want to smooth out your work. Apply a mixture or hardener together so you can place it over the dent area. Use a spreader to apply the hardener to the dent.

    Use an Industrial Dryer

    You can use an industrial dryer to set the hardening paste.  After it has been set you need to use your sanding machine to smooth the edges over again. This will make the fender ready to be painted over.  You will have to mix the paint to match the exterior color of your vehicle. It may take two days before the fender repairs are set.  When it is ready you can place the fenders back onto the vehicle. For crack molds you should not place them back on the car directly with the mixture drying first. To keep your repairs solid you should protect your vehicle from harsh weather elements afterwards. Use a vehicle cover or store your car in a garage. Rain can interfere with paint and bonding work. Also, you should make an effort to keep direct sunlight away from the vehicle for long periods of time. The total time for a full fender repair can take up to three days.