• How to Remove Car Window Paint

    Car window paint is used to write on or otherwise decorate car windows. People often use it to write “Just Married” on the back window of a couple’s vehicle. Sometimes people use it to decorate their own car windows with their school colors or their children’s school colors. Very often parents will write the names of their children on the windows of their own vehicles to celebrate a happy occasion such as a graduation.
    The process of car window paint removal can sometimes be a difficult one. There are two different types of car window paint, water based and oil based. The steps listed below can be used as a guide when attempting to remove both types.

    Tools Required:

    • Paint dispenser
    • Paint removing razor
    • Hand broom
    • Dust pan
    • Water based liquid detergent
    • Clean towels
    • Rubber gloves
    • Spray can of WD40
    • Container of acetone
    • Water based liquid detergent
    • Clean, dry towels

    Step 1: Type of Car Window Paint

    Determine what type of car window paint you are dealing with. Check whether the paint is water based or oil based.

    Step 2: Remove Debris

    Use a razor designed to remove paint to scrape off as much of the paint as you can, removing the debris as you go. The razor will not totally remove the paint, but will simply make the next two steps more effective.

    Step 3: Clean Car Window Paint

    Thoroughly clean the painted area using a solution of warm water and a water-based liquid detergent. This alone will remove any water-based car window paint.

    In the case of oil-based car window paint, you can either go for the WD40 method or the acetone method.

    WD40 Method: Thoroughly wash the painted area with a solution of warm water and water-based liquid detergent. The goal here is to remove any surface dirt and grime. Use a clean cotton towel to apply a light coat of WD40 to the car window paint. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for the WD40 to deactivate the paint. This may take more than one application. Clean the painted area once again with the warm water and a water-based detergent solution. Repeat if necessary.

    Acetone Method: To use this method you will need a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Thoroughly clean the painted area with a solution of warm water and a water-based liquid detergent. Take the rags and the acetone outside to the vehicle. Put on the rubber gloves. Use a clean and dry rag to apply the acetone to the window. Be careful not to inhale the vapors put out by the acetone. The paint should begin to come off immediately.

    Step 4: Wash the Window

    Both types of car window paint can leave a nasty residue that, if not cleaned properly, will tend to linger for a long time. In order to get the windows absolutely clean you must complete this last step. Thoroughly wash the area of the window that has been painted with water-based liquid detergent.

    Car window paint is definitely fun to use when celebrating a special occasion, and removing it once the celebration is over does not have to be difficult.