• How to Install a Racing Air Filter

    For improved power and gas mileage a racing air filter is something you can invest in for your vehicle. The installation is not difficult and can be completed in just an hour or so with just basic tools. This is an easy project for the home handyman with little car mechanic knowledge.

    A factory installed air filter system is sometimes an inefficient design. To fit the air intake tube around the engine compartment, there are many bends in the tube. These bends cause friction and slow the air flow. Also the air box and filter has a smaller surface area for the air to flow through. With lowered air flow, the engine ignition system will reduce the amount of fuel into the carburetor or fuel injection system to match the air intake. This reduction reduces power and fuel efficiency. The cone shape of the racing air filter gives more surface area on the filter to absorb more available air.

    Step 1 – Preparing the Vehicle

    Before starting the removal of the factory installed air intake system, make sure the engine has cooled. Many items under the hood remain hot cause severe burns especially and surface oil or grease. Locate the air intake and turn the wheel for better access. For better access: raise the car and set on jack stands to secure the vehicle. Next remove the wheel by the air intake.

    Step 2- Removal of the Factory Installed System

    First find the air intake box. Open the intake box and remove the air filter. Follow the air intake pipe to the engine throttle compartment. Loosen the clamp attaching the pipe to the engine and remove. If there are any wires or tubes attached, carefully disconnect them from the throttle housing. Now, remove the air box where the filter was located. If there are screws remaining from the fender that held the air box, remove them to prevent any damage to the new air filter.

    Step 3 – Installation of the New Racing Air Filter System

    Remove from the kit the new air intake pipe. Position the new pipe so the filter end is located towards the outer part of the compartment, and is near the fender. Install the rubber sleeve included with the kit over the pipe where indicated. Place the hose clamps over the ends of the pipe and slightly tighten to hold in place. Then, attach the new air intake pipe to the throttle body and tighten. Reattach the breather tube to the throttle housing.

    Step 4 – Finishing Up

    It is now time to attach the new filter by sliding it onto the other end of the pipe. Make sure it is over the pipe far enough to secure with the clamp. Tighten the clamp just enough to hold without crushing the pipe. Check all hose clamps for proper tension.

    After the installation you will notice better fuel efficiency and increased power from your vehicle. Over the life of the car, the investment for this new system will be recovered by the fuel savings.