• How to install a Performance Air Filter

    To increase power and performance in your vehicle, a performance air filter might just be the key. On most vehicles the air intake is from a small opening inside the grill and through many bends in the air tube, the air passes through the factory air filter and then to the engine carburetor or fuel injection system.

    Most carburetors and many fuel injection systems designs are very inefficient in terms of power and fuel consumption – even with the government’s restrictions and demands for manufacturers to improve vehicle’s gas mileage. With all the turns and bends in the air intake tube, the friction and speed of the air is decreased. This reduced speed limits the amount of air reaching the ignition system. With a performance air filter system, the intake tube is straight or made with only slight curves. Also, the air filter is designed to clean the air but allow higher volumes of air flow. With its cone shape and more folds in the filter paper, it will allow for more air to penetrate due to the large surface area.

    With additional items to be included with your installation, such as a new mass air flow sensor and a throttle body spacer, the improvement of the automobiles efficiency will be improved as well as result in more power from your engine. Here is how to install a performance air filter.

    Step 1 – Removal of Stock Air System

    First remove the air intake hose from the throttle body. Next, remove the air intake hose from the factory installed air box. The air box can be removed as well as the tube from the box to the car grill. These will not be used anymore since the new high performance filter gets its air from inside the engine compartment.

    Step 2 – Installation of the New Performance Air Filter System

    First, attach the new air intake pipe to the throttle body. This will be a metal pipe instead of the flexible rubber hose type. This rigid pipe will allow for a faster speed of air to the throttle body. Finally, install the new high performance air filter. Install any clips or clamps included with the kit.

    Step 3 –Consider Installing a Throttle Body Spacer

    A throttle body space is a device that causes the air to spin as it enters the engine. This spinning effect increases the mixture of the air and the fuel to improve the combustion process. This improved mixture increases the power during combustion to increase fuel efficiency and power to the pistons.

    Step 4 – Consider Installing a High Performance Mass Air Flow Sensor

    With the new high performance air filter, a new high performance mass air flow sensor designed for your vehicle will give more accurate information for the engine to balance the air/fuel mixture.

    With the increased air flow to the ignition system, you will notice greater power from your vehicle engine and you will also see improved gas mileage. Most of these specially designed high performance air filter systems will not cause you to fail any smog tests and also will not void your warranty. Over a period of time, the savings you will receive from the increased gas mileage will offset the cost of the system. Also, doing the project yourself will add to the savings.