• How to Get the Best Deal at a Car Repair Shop

    Getting the best deal at a car repair shop can be a simple process and financially rewarding. The first step in finding the best deal is finding out what is wrong with your car. Some shops will charge a diagnostic fee to figure out what is wrong with your car and to write up an estimate. This fee can generally range from $50 to $100 dollars or more, so be sure to call a few shops before committing to one for the initial estimate.

    Once you have a written estimate from the first shop, call your local dealership and other shops to find out what they would charge for the exact same work and if they would require an additional diagnostic charge. Most places will accept a written estimate from a reputable shop or dealership as a baseline for the work to be done. Don’t forget to call the initial shop to try and negotiate your original estimate down once you have lower quotes from other places.

    Also, shops like Goodwrench and Firestone generally offer some sort of guarantee and are certified to work on most manufacturer’s vehicles at a much lower price than a dealership. Local, independent shops sometimes offer less of a guarantee and may lack certifications to do some manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance tasks.

    In addition to shopping around for the best overall price, find out if the shops will allow you to bring your own parts. Getting your parts from a discount auto parts store can save you some serious money for involved repairs. Although not recommended for most parts, using used parts can also save you money.