• How to Get Multiple Auto Paint Estimates

    Obtaining auto paint estimates can prove to be a strenuous task. You have the option of driving from shop to shop and asking how much they will charge for a paint job on your vehicle, or you can ask for a quote over the telephone or online.

    1. Estimates

    Most places will offer an estimate based on how much of the car is being painted, and some will offer an estimate based on the whole car. Car paint job estimates can vary from $1,000 upwards, and much of it depends on the quality and rate of auto paint prices from a wholesale point of view.

    2. Recommendations

    There are many companies who are devoted to excellent customer service and they pride themselves on their ability to retain return customers on a regular basis. These customers also recommend other people, and this is what keeps their prices low and allows them to offer discounts. Maaco is a famous chain that appears dedicated to such good service and offers discounts and some upgrades where they will repair tiny little chips for free.

    3. Where to Go

    You can hunt around town for a local auto body shop and find out their prices. You can call around locally or broaden your search if you have a way to get home, once you have left the car there. Make a list of all the shops you talk to and write down their offers and estimates. They will need certain details from you regarding the color of the car, the make and the model. They may also want to know what year it is to be sure they can mix or bring in that color paint. Narrow your final list down to the three most preferred auto shops and then you will have a better idea who you will choose.