• How to Get Instant Auto Repair Quotes Online

    Even if you don’t have any kind of auto repair insurance, you can still obtain auto repair quotes online. In some cases, as with recalls and known defects to a vehicle, the repair won’t cost you anything. In other instances you’ll be able to obtain competitive quotes for the work that needs to be done to your vehicle. This not only saves you a lot of time talking to different garages to find the best price for the work, but it also allows you to compare any guarantees the facility might offer.

    Things You Need to Know

    Before you can receive any kind of quote for a repair, you have to know what’s wrong with the vehicle. If it’s something fairly simple, then you can simply post what work is necessary on the appropriate website and wait for the quotes to arrive from local garages.

    However, if you don’t know the problem or if the problem is something complex, it needs to be diagnosed first. This might mean a visit to a local garage if the car is drivable. You can also consult the knowledge databases on automobile and repair sites. These cover many common problems so by taking a little time, you should be able to discover the problem and then post it, asking for a repair quote.


    For most people, windshield replacement won’t be covered under standard auto insurance. If you have a policy that covers windshield replacement, consider yourself lucky! Even so, you can still obtain instant quotes for windshield replacement online.

    Glass companies will offer quotes on the job, but there are also comparison sites that let you see the prices and guarantees from different companies in your area. This way, you can pick the company that best suits your needs. In most instances, they will come to your home to do the work.

    Body Work

    In some cases, your insurance company will insist on any body work on your car being carried out at specific approved body shops, and they will pay the firm directly upon completion of any work. When this happens, the issue is pretty much out of your hands, although you can hope for a loaner or courtesy car.

    Where an insurance company estimates the cost of repairs and hands you a check, you’re in the perfect position to shop around online for the best quote. You’ll need to post a description of the work that needs doing, which you should be able to get from your insurance company, as well as photos of the damaged areas.

    There are a number of different sites that offer quotes online for body work and there are sure to be several body shops in your area. However, you do need to be careful. Take the time to check the shops out first to ensure they do good work. Ask for references before committing yourself. It can sometimes be better to pay a little bit more and have the job done properly.


    If your model has a recall on it for any reason, you can contact your local dealer online and book an appointment to take your car in and have the problem fixed. The good news is that this won’t cost you a penny.