• How to Get a Mobile Car Body Repair Estimate

    Mobile car body repairs can be a quick and easy solution for minor body damage on your car. Like most people, you may not have enough time to drive from body shop to body shop getting quotes on repair time and cost for you minor car damage. Mobile car body repairs are an easy way to get body work done while you are busy at home or even at the office, with no travel required.

    How it Works

    Getting an estimate on time and cost is easy with a mobile car body repair service. These mobile body shops will give you a rough estimate on when, how long and how much it will cost to get your minor damage repaired. These mobile services work in all kinds of weather and often guarantee their work. Their phone estimates are free and easy to get as well, and you can email pictures of your damage to them for a more solid quote. While most crash repairs are too extreme for mobile car body repair services to do on the spot, they are a great alternative for smaller damages. These services will come to your work or home to do the job on site, making it very convenient.

    What They Repair

    Mobile car body repair services repair damages like: bumper scuff repairs, key scratch repairs, alloy wheel repairs, stone chips and scrape repairs.

    Here’s a list of things they can do:

    • Scuff repairs
    • Scratch and scrape repairs
    • Paint repairs
    • Dent repairs
    • Stone chip repairs
    • Cracked bumper repairs
    • Rust spot repair
    • Paintless dent removal
    • Mirror repairs
    • Alloy wheel repairs
    • Car interior repairs

    Other Benefits

    Mobile auto body repair services are often much less expensive than going to traditional body shops. Often, the repair costs are 1/3 less than you might pay at a body shop. These quotes are often cheaper than your deductible.

    Mobile repair services are also much faster than your local body shop. You may wait hours or even days for your body repair shop to fit you into their schedule and complete the work. Because mobile body repair services come to you, you will have a set appointment time, and most minor damage can be done in an hour or less.

    Though you might worry about the quality a mobile repair service can offer, these repairs are often performed by some of the most highly qualified technicians in the market. These technicians are meticulously and expertly trained to cope with any problem they may run into while working on your vehicle.

    If your car has minor body damages that you’ve been meaning to fix, but you just haven’t had the time to take it to a repair shop, consider a mobile car body repair service and cut the hassle out of the venture.