• How to Find the Right Auto Paint Colors

    The right auto paint colors can significantly change the look of your car. However, you must remember that choosing the right auto paint color for your car involves more than knowing what your favorite color is. There are several factors you have to consider when choosing the right auto paint colors for your car.

    Step 1 – Choose the Right Type of Auto Paint

    Before actually choosing the auto paint color you want for your car, it is essential you pick the right type of auto paint. There are four basic types of auto paint to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.

    Acrylic lacquer is an inexpensive type of auto paint color that provides a high gloss finish. This type of paint color is suitable for first-time painters. Acrylic enamel, on the other hand, does not lay down easily, making it a tougher paint to work with. Some enamel colors may require a clear topcoat.

    Another type of auto paint is acrylic urethane, which is often more expensive. It has the toughness of enamel paint and is easy to work with. However, using this type of auto paint requires a three stage process, including the use of the paint itself, a reducer to thin out the paint and catalyst.

    Lastly, non-toxic water-based paints provide an even finish to your car and are commonly used in custom auto paint jobs.

    Step 2 – Consider the Design of the Car

    Although you may not realize it, having the right auto paint color will bring out the overall design of your car. When looking for an auto paint color, consider the design or features of your car. Most auto shops would consider the lines of the car when choosing a paint color because there are some colors that can easily hide the lines or features of your car.

    Step 3 – Get the Color Code

    If you plan to stick to your original car color, then it is advisable you get your vehicle’s color code. The color code describes the exact color of your car. The vehicle color code is often stamped in several locations of the car and the location generally depends on the make or model of the car.

    Step 4 – Do not Rely on Chip Books

    When looking for auto paint colors in a shop, do not rely on just looking at the chip book or samples. Most of these sample colors are not the same ones painted on a car body.

    Step 5 – Buy a Sample Can

    Nothing beats seeing the color painted. Once you have chosen the color to paint, it is advisable you get a sample can of that color to check if it really is the color you prefer. Try to spray paint the sample color to an old bumper or fender to see how it willg look like once painted. By doing this, you will minimize the grief of having to choose another color or type of auto paint once you start painting.