• How to Find the Fastest Car Repair Shops

    Finding the fastest car repair shops require information about the time it takes a shop to perform most repair services. Knowing the standard amount of time that is allotted for oil changes, brake services, engine work, transmission repair and other repairs, should give you a basis for determining who is the fastest.

    Make a List of Car Repairs

    You should make a list of each different type of car repair on a piece of paper. Use a mechanic’s guide such as the Chilton repair book to look up the average completion times for each repair. A Chilton’s guide can be found at your local library and may be available online. Record the times you find for each repair.

    Contact Dealers for Speed Comparison

    With this information, call a car dealership with a service department and ask to speak with the service manager. Going through your list, ask how long on average that they take to complete the enumerated repairs. If their times exceed the published times, the dealer’s service department can be considered fast.

    Use Online Reviewers

    You may also use online services such as Angie’s List, which gives user reviews of services in your area, such as car repair. Look for reviews that comment on the speed of the repair and whether the service was fast or not. You can also check out ProCarCareZone for a list of reviews and rankings of car repair shops by speed.