• How to Find Nearby Reliable Foreign Car Repair Shops

    Every car owner needs a reliable auto repair shop for when something goes wrong with their everyday transportationbut some of those who own foreign models have a hard time finding reliable foreign car repair shops. It’s easy to set up a shop appointment for a Chevy or Ford. For a Jaguar, Volkswagen or even a Nissan, it can be a little more tricky. Specialty foreign cars and sports cars can be nearly impossible for local mechanics to work on in some areas. Here are some ways to find yourself the care you need for your foreign ride.

    • Look for Certified Shops – One of the first steps in any car repair process is to make sure that the mechanics and techs are properly certified. ASE or AAA certifications go a long way towards giving you peace of mind that your investment in your vehicle is safe with the shop you sent it to. Other qualifications for local shops will include any specialized trainings that mechanics may have participated in related to your specialty or luxury vehicle or other foreign car type.
    • Find Specialized Auto Shops – A lot of auto mechanic shops, whether they tend toward foreign or domestic vehicles, have a certain kind of vehicles that they feel most comfortable with. Lots of shops spend more time in research on the product offerings of one or two automakers. You can use this as a guide to where you end up taking your specific make of car. For example, the online site at Porsche Shops links to a variety of Porsche mechanics. This specialization strategy will help you find better reliable shops for your foreign car.
    • Look For Shops with Parts Warranties – When you’ve spent a lot of time and money ordering parts to outfit your foreign car, you don’t want those parts to somehow wear out again and send you right back to the counter. Ask local shops about their parts warranty policy, and while you’re at it, question them about their labor warranties as well, to make sure that fixed once means fixed right.
    • Use Online Locator Sites – Some sites, such as the one at Autos.com, have detailed car info database tools that can help you get closer to your goals. Other similar sites include a kind of “online Yellow Pages” approach, where a ZIP code can yield some specific shops that have experience and the confidence to tackle a specific foreign car job. When you find these contacts, take the next step and contact them by phone to find out more about how they will handle your particular model.

    These are just some of the ways that local drivers find out who’s qualified to work on their cars and trucks in their neighborhoods. In general, those in rural areas will find themselves traveling into the nearest city in order to get premium care for uncommon vehicles they might own.