• How to Find an Arizona Windshield Repair Specialist

    Finding an Arizona windshield repair service can be as easy as opening up the yellow pages. The problem with that, though, is you can’t tell whether a company is reputable or not based on their ad or listing in the phone book. If you are looking for a Phoenix windshield repair company or a Tucson windshield repair firm or need a new windshield (or a repair) in any other part of the state, you shouldn’t go with the first company listed without any further knowledge. Modern vehicles rely on the windshield as part of the structure of the car or truck – making it a real safety issue. You need to find a reliable service.

    Check with Your Insurance

    One of the first things you should do is call your insurance company. Even if the repair isn’t covered – and it might be (ask them) – they will have a list of services in your area that do good work. It would be a good idea to ask them to refer you to one of them. They deal with this kind of service all the time, so they have a wealth of knowledge.

    Business Organizations

    If the company has been around for a while (and you really don’t want someone just getting started) you can consult the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. Both of these groups should keep records of any complaints filed against companies (and the resolutions if there are any). A company with complaints against them should be avoided.

    National Glass Association

    Try the searchable database at the National Glass Association’s website. The NGA is a professional organization of glass specialists and their standards are high for membership. A business who belongs to that group will have shown a high degree of professionalism.