• How to Find a Volkswagen Repair Manual

    Whether you’re the proud owner of a Jetta, Golf, GTI, Beetle or Passat, having a Volkswagen repair manual on hand for the year and model of your VW is a wise precaution. It’s not the most exciting read, but it does offer insightful and detailed information about virtually all aspects of your car. It can help you understand the basic mechanics of your car, help troubleshoot and pinpoint problems, as well as how to maintain and run your car for the best performance and long life. Educating yourself on the inner workings of your car can save you a lot of stress when things go wrong. Whether it’s an accident, or part failure, or a decision you have to make on repairs, reading up what goes on under the hood is time well spent. Knowing how the systems in your car operate and how all the systems work together allows you to articulate issues you may be having with your vehicle to the mechanic and help identify problems quickly. If you don’t yet have a repair manual for your Volkswagen, or are having trouble finding one, here are a few steps you can take to bridge the gap between you and the manual you need.


    Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find what you need, and the public library is often an overlooked source. They may not have many copies available to check out. However you can request it online and when it’s available to check out, the librarian will contact you via email.

    Auto Parts Store or Tuning Shop

    Often you can find a new Chilton’s or Haynes repair manual at your local auto parts store or an automobile tuning store near you. If you’re not familiar with tuning shops in your city, perform an internet search by typing in “car tuning store, [your city/state]. If they don’t have what you need in stock, these professionals can order the manual for you or refer you to a reputable source.

    Repair Manuals Online – Check the following links for the repair guide for the specific make/model of your vehicle:

    • Amazon.com – Amazon has a large selection of repair manuals for virtually all makes and models of Volkswagen automobiles. Most are Haynes or Chilton’s guides, but there are a few specialty guides available, such as repair manuals for the Vanagon and ones on vintage Beetle repair and restoration.
    • ebay.com – eBay, like Amazon.com offers a wide selection, since booksellers can advertise used editions for sale on both sites.
    • Haynes – this site gives you the option of a paperless downloadable version as opposed to a hardcopy, which has its advantages. Not only is it an environmentally conscious way to be, viewing the manual online can be easier than holding a book open to a page while performing a repair.
    • Chilton’s–  Like the Haynes website, Chilton’s offers both downloadable and hardcopy versions. Additionally, CD/DVD’s are also available.

    Volkswagen Dealership

    Any local Volkswagen dealership with a service department can order a repair manual for you. It’s hard to find information from local dealer websites about ordering this, so a quick phone call can bring you answers promptly.

    Whether you’re looking for a manual on Jetta repair or just wanting to know why you need glow plugs in your TDI, providing yourself with a little automotive education is the mark of a smart driver.