• How to Find a Toyota Repair Manual

    Finding a toyota repair manual is pretty simple these days. A quick search on Amazon will bring up a number of options. There are two major brands, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. Below is a quick rundown of the major brands.

    Do I Need One? – While every vehicle comes with an owners manual, they will only provide information on routine maintenance that should be performed and very basic instructions on how your vehicle works. If you are simply trying to top up the windshield wiper fluid or change a light bulb then an owners manual will provide the information you need. If you are attempting a major repair or are interested in performing scheduled maintenance yourself, then you will need a repair manual.

    What’s in a Repair Manual – Repair manuals contain detailed instructions and photos that help you easily perform most repairs or maintenance on your vehicle. Tune up procedures, engine repair, brake repair, cooling and heating systems as well as maintenance schedules, trouble codes, electronic engine controls, wiring diagrams, as well as diagnostic charts are included.

    Where to Buy – Repair manuals are sold on amazon.com and in all major bookstores. You can also find repair manual at most automotive stores. They usually carry a fairly wide selection. Repair manuals are published by make and model and a year range so if you were searching for a Tacoma repair manual you would want to find the correct year range for your situation. Used versions are often available on eBay or at your local used bookstore.

    Chilton – Chilton has been publishing auto repair manuals for 80 years. They publish a comprehensive range of manuals that cover just about every car out there. They have a professional and do-it-yourself range and offer some information and publications as downloads on their site. These manuals get high praise from both professionals and amateurs and usually cost between $15.00-$25.00.

    Haynes – Haynes published its first repair manual in 1956 and is now the leading seller of repair manuals. They offer a complete range and have a manual for most cars as well as motorcycles, ATVs and scooters. Their website lets you search by year, make and model to find the manual that best fits your needs. Haynes also gets high marks from users.

    How to Choose – Chilton and Haynes both provide excellent repair information, but there are differences in how the books are laid out. It is best to go to a bookstore or auto store and thumb through copies of each brand to see which one you prefer. Choosing which brand to use is a personal choice so getting a first hand look at the books is the best way to decide which one is for you.

    Finding a Camry repair manual, or a manual for your other Toyota vehicle is fairly easy. They are widely available at bookstores, auto repair stores, online bookstores and local used bookstores. A Toyota repair manual will get you on your way to do-it-yourself repairs and help you save money.