• How to Find a Florida Windshield Repair Specialist

    When you need a Florida windshield repair service, you might wonder who is reputable and who isn’t. Sure there are a lot of Miami windshield repair companies and Jackson windshield repair services, but not all windshield repairs (or repair companies) are the same.

    Why Is the Windshield So Important?

    There was a time when a windshield was just what the name implies, a shield to protect you from the wind and what it carries with it. Sure, modern windshields still do that. They do a lot more, though. On most modern vehicles the windshield is part of the structure that keeps your roof from caving in on you. That makes the windshield even more important. Getting a shoddy repair job can endanger the structural integrity of your windshield and that can put your safety at risk.

    Check With Your Insurance Company

    One idea in your quest to find a reputable windshield repair service is to ask your insurance company. They deal with windshield repair all the time. Chances are they’ll have a few companies in mind where they send people frequently. You can call them to ask about this whether the repair is covered by your insurance or not. Besides, it might be covered even if you don’t think it is. Most insurance companies will allow you to have a windshield repair (or more often replacement) every so many years. The reasoning is that even though the windshield looks all right, there are micro-pits and ruptures on it that take away from your ability to see. That makes you more prone to accidents, so they consider it a preventative maintenance expense on their part.

    National Glass Association

    Another idea is to get in touch with the National Glass Association. A professional organization of glass specialists, they require a high level of professionalism of their members. If you find a company listed in their database (they have a searchable one on their website) you can be reasonably assured of the reputability of the firm.