• How to Diagnose and Replace a Hyundai Window Regulator

    If your vehicle has a broken or damaged Hyundai window regulator, you’ll likely need to repair this system in order to get your windows to function properly. The window regulator in your vehicle is the system that controls the movement of the windows up and down. In most up to date vehicles, the regulator system is automated and controlled by an electrical circuit (the Hyundai Santa Fe window regulator is a prime example of this.) In older vehicles, this system is manual and is controlled by a turn knob that you can operate by twisting a handle on the interior of your car door. If your vehicle is newer, however, you’ll need to treat it to Hyundai automatic window repair in order to properly fix this problem.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • Screwdrivers of various sizes
    • Prying tool
    • Volt meter
    • Replacement window regulator system that meets the specifications of your Hyundai

    Step 1 – Diagnose the Problem

    Check to see if all of the windows in your car seem to be stuck in one position. If this is the case, and you’re unable to open or close any of them, the issue may be that there is a blown fuse in the electrical circuitry. This is an easier problem to fix than many others and will likely not require an entire replacement of the window regulator.

    Listen to each window as you attempt to open or close it. If you hear a motor making sounds from within the car door, the window regulator system is likely working properly and receiving electrical power, but some component may have come out of alignment.

    Step 2 – Open the Car Door Panel

    Access the window regulator by removing the plastic car door panel from the metal Hyundai car door on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Use your screwdrivers to remove all of the various screws that attach the plastic panel to the door underneath it. Store the screws in a safe place separately.

    Use the prying tool to remove the panel from the car door. Be careful not to bend or break the panel itself as you do this.

    Step 3 – Replace the Regulator if Necessary

    Visually inspect the regulator system for signs of broken connections or burned out components. Replace any of these that you notice. If everything seems to be in order, check that electricity is flowing to the system with a volt meter.

    If needed, you’ll have to replace the window regulator. To do this, remove the bolts that hold the regulator in place and carefully disconnect the existing system. Follow the instructions on how to install the regulator in your vehicle in order to properly set up the new window regulator system.