• How to Choose an Auto Window Repair Specialist

    Some people hesitate to get their windshield repaired because they don’t know how to choose a specialist for auto window repair. Once you spot a “star” or a ding on a windshield, it’s a good idea to get it repaired right away. The “star,” which is caused when an object hits a windshield, can quickly become a crack. That’s especially true in warm weather when heat expands the glass.

    Many people just choose an auto window repair specialist from the phone book, which isn’t a good idea. Auto experts note that windshields are critically important to safety and all auto repair shops don’t use the same type of safety glass — or know how to install it. Otherwise, a crash might result in a windshield’s glass shattering in such a way that it harms or kills a driver or passengers.

    Consider these things when choosing an auto window repair specialist:

    • Look for an approved automotive repair shop and ask about certifications. The National Glass Association (NGA) offers extensive training for both auto window glass repair and auto window glass replacement. Those that receive these certifications understand exactly how to repair or replace auto window glass so that it is safe. They also are taught the latest techniques – through refresher courses and seminars – to ensure they know the latest techniques. Horror stories abound about auto window glass that was installed by an amateur and shattered or fell out. Ask about certification before you entrust your car to the shop even if it’s at a dealership.
    • Ask what glass is used. It’s not enough to know that safety glass is used by the shop. Safety glass comes in different grades and some used by small shops was rejected by larger shops due to flaws. Ask questions. That will help you decide if the auto window repair specialist is right for you.
    • Seek references. It’s not enough for the glass shop to give you general references. Find out who will install the glass and ask for references specific to him or her if at all possible. Talk to neighbors and friends to find shops and technicians that they recommend.
    • Remember that all car windshields aren’t the same. Some are slanted in certain ways which make them more prone to breaking. Ask the shop what training they’ve had for your specific car model. Again, ask about your specific technician too. At least find out a bit about what “quality inspection” is done by a supervisor at the shop before a car is returned to the customer.
    • Find out how long the repair or replacement will take. Some shops will come to your home or office to repair auto window glass. That will save you time.
    • Ask about cost. It’s always a good idea to compare the prices of several shops. When you do so, though, don’t forget to ask about the auto window technician’s certifications, the glass used, and other details. If a shop is significantly less expensive, there is likely a reason. Don’t assume a low price equals shoddy quality, but understand what you’re buying.

    The safety glass that is installed in your car is an important component in keeping you safe while driving. And while it can seem alright to ignore small scratches or dings in your windshield, this can be a recipe for disaster later down the road. Getting your glass repair by a certified window repair specialist will help give you the piece of mind of knowing that your glass repair job was done well.