• How to Buy Car Paint at the Best Price

    When you need to buy car paint, you would normally go to an auto paint shop, look at the price labels and pay what is on it, without question. Most people think that the price on the label is non-negotiable. In many cases this is true, but there are some instances when it can be lessened if you ask for a discount.

    1. Looking for the Best Price

    If you live in a larger city when there are plenty of auto body paint stores to choose from, you have some level of advantage. Shopping around will always get you a better price because you will find that some stores offer a dollar or two off here and there and some offer ‘bogof’ (buy one get one free). All year round there will be incentive sales to bring in customers. There is one option you can definitely try. This will not always work but, they say that if you don’t ask for it you won’t get it.

    Try actually asking for a discount. Ask the sales manager, “What is your best price?” You may well be greeted with an icy stare or a blank look and they may take the item, look at the label and repeat the price back. However, you can say “How about a discount if I purchase five of these?” Try to make a deal. Most stores do have the power to be somewhat flexible in regard to pricing, so it is always worth trying.

    2. Auto Discount Stores

    These stores are designed to offer large discounts to the public. Some of their stock will have come from liquidation, some will be bulk bought cheaply with a view to passing on the savings to the public and some stock will be discontinued lines. There are always good reasons to shop at a discount store, so have a look in your local telephone book or online and search for discount stores near you where you can buy auto paint at the best prices.