• How Much Does Car Paint Cost

    A car paint cost will vary depending on several factors. There are slight differences with the different types of car paint used for an auto car paint job.

    To understand why the cost of a particular paint is different from another, one should know the different factors that contribute to the cost of a specific kind of auto paint.

    There are several different types of car paint available on the market today and each type will have different costs. Based on the several factors, including the amount of paint needed, the finish and type of paint, auto paint prices vary greatly. The cost of each type of auto paint will also depend on the metallic qualities, finish, shade and pattern. There are four main types of car paint available – enamel, lacquer, urethane and water-based paints. Each of these types of paints has their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Enamel Auto Paint

    Enamel auto paint or acrylic enamel car paint is tougher than acrylic lacquer paints since it dries to a hard shell. However, acrylic enamel paints do not go on as easily as acrylic lacquer paint. There are some enamel color paints that require a two-stage system. This means that a clear topcoat is used aside from the enamel paint. There are also some that use a single stage system wherein the enamel paint is the only one used. Enamel auto paints can set a car owner back about $50 a gallon, depending on the brand of paint they prefer.

    Acrylic Lacquer Auto Paint

    Acrylic lacquer auto paint, on the other hand, is probably the cheapest type of auto paint available on the market today. This type of paint is suitable for inexperienced car painters since it can easily be applied. However, lacquer is often considered a soft paint so it chips easily. Acrylic lacquer auto paint is also not chemical resistant so vehicles painted with this type of paint can expect to do regular paint jobs. Since acrylic lacquer paint is considered to be the least expensive, this type of paint can cost approximately $30 to $40 a gallon.

    Urethane-Based Paints

    Another type of auto car paint is the urethane-based paints. The acrylic urethane combines some of the characteristics of the acrylic enamel and acrylic lacquer paints. This type of auto paint can be applied easily and has the strength of enamel paint. However, urethane paints do require three other products for a complete look – the color, a catalyst and a reducer. Urethane auto paints are a little bit more expensive and can cost up to $70 to $90.

    Water-Based Paint

    The newest type of auto paint that is fast becoming popular is the water-based paint. Considered to be the most versatile, water-based paints are generally used on existing paint jobs, metal and primer. This type of paint is also commonly used for customized paintings. However, there are currently not too many color choices for water-based paints. It costs about $120 a gallon.

    Auto Car Paint Brands

    The brand of the paint is often a factor that contributes to the price of auto paint. Expect to have top quality brand paints, like DuPont Imron, to be a bit more expensive than generic, cheap brands of paint.