• How is Truck Body Repair Different From Car Body Repair

    The basics of truck body repair are the same as those of auto body repair. Whether you’re performing a fender repair or a truck bed repair, the basics of hammer and dolly, and dent pulling are the same. The main difference lies in accessibility.

    Truck Bed Repair

    This is the area of repair with the largest difference between itself and auto body repair. Where in an automobile, the body lines are usually smooth, flowing and gently curved, most truck beds are ridged to increase the strength of the metal. Because of this construction method, truck bed repair is very difficult. The standard hammer and dolly method of body repair won’t work as well unless you’re working on the sides of the bed and not the bottom of the truck bed. Working on the ridged bottom of a truck bed will require special skills and tools that many people will not have.

    Body Panel Repairs

    When you have to perform repairs to a body panel on a car, you will normally have to remove skirts or mud flaps from the fender wells or interior body trim pieces in order to gain access to the back side of the panel and use a hammer and dolly to knock the dents out. On a truck, this isn’t the case. You just need to reach around or under the body panel piece with the dents that you’re working on and you will have access to both sides of the piece and can easily apply hammer and dolly to the panel in question.

    Fender Repair Differences

    On a car, you might find sweeping curves or angles that will make it difficult for the novice fender repair person to make a quality and accurate repair without the use of large amounts of body filler. On most trucks, body and fender repair is made much easier by the fact that most of the body lines on the fenders are straight or smooth contours. This makes it quite easy for the novice body repair person to make accurate body repairs with just a hammer and dolly method and minimal application of body filler or Bond-O.

    Height of Area of Work

    When you’re performing truck body repair, you may be hindered by the fact that a truck is taller than most cars. This is exaggerated when the truck in question is raised much beyond the stock height. Most cars are quite low to the ground, especially when compared with most trucks. This increased height may mean that in order to perform some body repairs on a truck, such as to the roof or the hood, you may need to get either a step ladder or a ladder to be able to reach. This will increase the dangers involved, especially if you have to lean way out beyond the center of balance of the ladder.

    The basics of truck body repair are the same as those for automobiles. The differences between the two are small, but noteworthy. Above, you have had outlined for you some of the more noticeable differences between the two types of vehicles when performing body repairs.