• Frequently Asked Questions about Collision Repair

    When you are faced with costly collision repair you will want to know the answers to a few questions. Being in an accident, or having the need to bring your vehicle in for collision repair, can be a stressful situation. Putting your mind at ease with some answers to the process will help with the overall situation. Auto body repair is a complex issue that requires many different parts and pieces to make a car whole again. At times this can seem like nothing is happening. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about collision repair.

    Will my Car be Alright to Drive After Repairs?

    When a vehicle has been in an accident, it can seem like it will never be on the road again. However, with the technology and skill of the technicians that work in collision repair, many cars that seem to be totaled are restored back to almost new condition. While no vehicle will ever be back to its original condition, the repairs can make it reliable and safe again.

    Will the Paint Match the Rest Of The Car?

    Sometimes it can be a little difficult to match the paint of a particular car, but with today’s newer vehicles that is not an issue. Most cars carry a paint code on a plate either under the hood, a door jamb, or in the trunk. This code will give the exact manufacturer’s color formula that most paint suppliers can match easily.

    The Estimate is More than the Insurance Estimate. Do I Need to Pay?

    You pay your insurance company a premium in the event you do have an accident. This premium is to ensure they will deliver your car in pre-accident condition. If the estimate is more than they they had estimated, they are still obligated to pay for the vehicle, less any deductible.

    Will Collision Repair Shops Use Old or Manufacturer’s Parts?

    There are plenty of aftermarket parts that can be used to restore your car, but most collision repair shops will only use OEM parts, (parts that come from the manufacturer) on your vehicle. If they cannot locate any OEM parts, then they will contact you and request to be able to use aftermarket, or even salvaged parts.

    How Long Will Repairs Take?

    This is going to depend on the amount of damage that was done. Simple fender benders can take 48 hours or less, while a more extensive collision repair may take weeks to a few months to get everything back to pre-accident condition.

    Will I Receive a Loaner Car During the Repairs?

    Some shops do have loaner vehicles that can be used during the repair time. However, these vehicles are not a part of the repair and will have to be rented. If this is covered by the insurance company, then they will pay for the extra costs.

    How Soon after Repairs Can I Wash My Car?

    Chances are that the shop where you got the repairs completed will not return the vehicle to you dirty. They will have already washed it to make sure they have made all the body repairs correctly. After the paint dries you can drive it as you normally would. This means washing it whenever you feel the need to.